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Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering each week.

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Out of bounds engineering

Out Of Bounds Engineering

Light pipes and panel mount indicators out of your projects budget? Listen for a FREE HACK on how to use the FR4 substrate as a light diffuser!

Calibrating cncs with pcb rulers

Calibrating CNCs with PCB Rulers

Stephen has successfully resurrected his CNC machine. How good could a chain drive driven, wood based CNC actually be? Tune in to find out!

The hot list of tasty chip fabs

The Hot List of Tasty Chip Fabs

More manufacturers sign on to the US CHIPS Act. Will spending $53 billion help actually help out our electronic supply chain problems? Find out!

Fierce key inventory

Fierce Key Inventory

When are our projects finally done or are projects destined to forever be a project? Parker and Stephen stand back from current projects and reflect.

Bricking bad

Bricking Bad

Burning the fuses on a new microcontroller can be a daunting challenge! One false move and you have bricked your unobtainium MCUs and ruined a build.

Hackery experts

Hackery Experts

Hyr0n of the AND!XOR group joins the podcast this week to discuss the DEFCON 30 Hacker Smart Watch and what we can look forward to next year.

Project snackey recap

Project Snackey Recap

This episode is all about how Project Snackey performed at Defcon 30. Come listen to what went wrong, what went right, and how people reacted to it.

Necrobiotic synthesizers

Necrobiotic Synthesizers

Our Spider-sense is tingling... OH that is actually a man-made zombie spider crawling up my leg. Who thought that would be a good idea? WHO!?!

Educated compromises

Educated Compromises

Project: Snackey gets released to the world! Or is it more of it was released upon the world? You choose!

Feature complete or minimal viable products

Feature Complete or Minimal Viable Products

Custom designed instrumentation tools? Stephen and Parker dive into differential oscilloscope probe designs on this week's episode of the MEP!

Csv file woes

CSV File Woes

This week Stephen learns the dangers of the modern software developers world! What do you do when updates break your process?

Heirloom documentation

Heirloom Documentation

How important is documentation for your project? Many people view it as an afterthought but it should be just as or more important then your design!

Your toaster is toast

Your Toaster is Toast

Part shortages and obsolescence got you down? Parker and Stephen have some tips and tricks to help your design stay ahead of the End Of Life game!

Double as good

Double as Good!

Nichicon is obsoleting entire electrolytic capacitor lines. Is this a sign of how electronic component manufacturers will handle supply crunches?

Codys corner q2 2022

Cody's Corner - Q2 2022

Cody Endlich is back on the podcast to discuss the electronic component supply chain squeeze and what the future magic 8-ball says about the industry.

This podcast intentionally left blank

This Podcast Intentionally Left Blank

Mandatory USB Type-C for everything? Parker and Stephen discuss the current EU ruling and preparing your PCBA design for contract manufacturing!

The pcb plague

The PCB Plague

Ever have PCBs that solder just will not wet and solder to? You probably thought it was improper soldering technique but that was probably not it!

Rogue gerbers jerry mcdaniel of customer care at macrofab

Rogue Gerbers – Jerry McDaniel of Customer Care at MacroFab

Jerry McDaniel of MacroFab joins Stephen and Parker this week to discuss the customer's adventure at MacroFab and what it takes to succeed at PCBA.

Supply chain crunches

Supply Chain Crunches

What are the pros and cons of becoming an electrical engineer? With great power comes great responsibility or just the lack of sleep!

Berry based physics with collin anderson

Berry Based Physics with Collin Anderson

This week we have Collin Anderson on the podcast to discuss quantum wave mechanics and how it relates to electricity flowing through conductors.

Mike kahn of elemental machines

Mike Kahn of Elemental Machines

Mike Kahn of Elemental Machines joins the podcast to discuss the integration of life sciences instrumentation and designing enterprise products.

The infinite finite grid

The Infinite Finite Grid

Stephen and Parker continue the discussion of the voltage measurement. Can you come up with a way to measure voltage without precision tools?

Metric knuckle

Metric Knuckle

Is there a way to macgyver measuring a voltage without a multimeter? Is macgyvering even a word? Parker and Stephen discuss this for well too long.

What would you say you do here

What Would You Say You Do Here?

Panelization of PCB Assemblies. Your Contract Manufacturer takes care of this but there are design choices that can radically alter your end costs.

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