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Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering each week.

Phantom over ethernet

Latest Podcast

PoE - Phantom over Ethernet

Parker and Stephen discuss the Cloudlifter mechanism in use to help enhance the sound of this podcast, what phantom power is and what it actually does.

September 22, 2023

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Apple up down with slack

The EU Charges Apple Up, Down with Slack, Don’t Go Changin’

Discussion on USB-C, EU chargers, tech, Slack GUI, government regulation, tech innovation and reverse polarity.

3d printer pickle

GPUs D.O.A, Reverse Polarity Problems, A 3D Printer Pickle

Dead on Arrival for high end GPUs. Why do so many consumer electronics not have reverse polarity protection?

Recyclable pcbs eol design cold cuts

Recyclable PCBs, EOL Design, Cold Cuts

Infineon’s use of recyclable PCBs to create a soluboard. An examination of the new Arduino Uno, Minima and Wifi, plus a CNC and saw blade update.

Interviewing matthew prater

Interviewing Matthew Prater

Matt has taught Robotics at University of Advancing Technology since 2019 and worked in Pharmaceutical Industry 15 years at Cardinal Health.

Dfs design for snackey

DFS: Design for Snackey

This special episode is recorded at DEF CON, the annual hacker community gathering in Las Vegas.

Kathy joseph the lightning tamers

Kathy Joseph and The Lightning Tamers

A physicist and electrical engineering historian, tells human stories behind electricity's evolution. Learn from experiments and eccentric scientists.

Mep 389 featured

The aCADemy of Education - Joshua Manley of

This week, Josh Manley, Co-Owner & CEO of, shares their expertise in software and design education.

Chips cant dip

CHIPS Can’t Dip

This week we’re joined by David Schild, the Executive Director of the Printed Circuit Board Association of America (PCBAA).

Recursive vending machines

Recursive Vending Machines

Join us as we chat with Hyr0n and Zapp from AND!XOR Group about their iconic badges for DEF CON 31.

Ai replace podcast hosts

When Will AI Replace Podcast Hosts?

Delve into the world of AI in chip design, exploring the limitations and benefits, its impact on the labor market, and the future of this technology.

Mislabeled levels hell

Mislabeled Levels of Hell

We kick off this week with a timely discussion of whether you can cook food on the engine of your car; how hot would your exhaust pipes even need to be?

Derivative learning mathematical consequences

Derivative Learning or Mathematical Consequences

The missing submarine near Titanic sparks discussion on using a gamepad, deep sea exploration regulations, and the need for backups in critical systems.

Screaming social media void

Screaming into the Social Media Void

AutoDesk is dropping support and development for the dedicated Eagle EDA tool and moving efforts to the AutoDesk Fusion 360 Electronics.

Danger pool

The Danger Pool

The CHIPS act is driving chip manufacturers like Texas Instruments, TSMC, and Intel to expand in the US, but there's a shortage of engineering manpower.

Bil herd back into the storm

Bil Herd - Back Into the Storm

Bil Herd led the hardware design for the Commodore C128 and Plus4 Series of computers in the 1980’s and currently co-hosts a weekly webcast.

Simplest smt component

The Simplest SMT Component… In The World

Stephen’s CNC steps closer to being completed! Parker receives a newsletter that has the simplest SMT component in the world.

Taking pictures with magnetic flux

Taking Pictures with Magnetic Flux

Two major topics this week! Major Box Truck updates and a flashback when Parker was introduced to digital photography through the Sony MVC-FD5.

Crawfish conundrum

Crawfish Conundrum

We discuss the different seasoning, boil and soak times, and building an inexpensive boil pot from materials and supplies Stephen already has.

Countdown to hype

Countdown to Hype

Consider your product in an environment that will actively destroy the semiconductors. We'll dip our toes into Radiation exposure for electronics!

Starting from the beginning

Starting From The Beginning

When did you start listening to the podcast? Have a favorite episode? Let Stephen and Parker know which is your favorite.

Zero to hero python

From Zero to Hero in Python

Python software language, more and more electrical engineering jobs are requiring this as a skill set but is it just snake oil?

Brandon sander inheritance machining

Brandon Sander of Inheritance Machining

Brandon Sander of Inheritance Machining joins to discuss restoring old machining tools, drafting manufacturing plans by hand and more.

Full stack manufacturing

Full Stack Manufacturing - David and Joel of Teenage Engineering

Joel and David of Teenage Engineering discuss how Teenage Engineering was formed and how their unique view of design influences the manufacturing process.

Pod ganizer

The POD-Ganizer

Stephen gets an upgrade in his electronics lab with a new multimeter, A Fluke 87V! We break down Stephen’s old meter vs the new Fluke.

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