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New Inventory Features Streamline Material Management at MacroFab

By Chris Church  |  April 16, 2024

At MacroFab, we understand the challenges that come with effective material management for prototype and production manufacturing. While most materials can be purchased turnkey from your manufacturer, there are times when it’s important to manage your own stocking of hard-to-get, custom, or expensive components.

For years MacroFab has led the way in providing the ability to effectively manage mixed material sourcing by enabling our Platform customers to ship materials direct to a MacroFab warehouse and see their inventory alongside distributor inventory live in your Bills of Material and make smart sourcing decisions on the fly.

We’re excited to announce a major improvement to our Customer-Managed Materials features that enhance the value, transparency, and ease of use – while ensuring the best possible outcomes when dealing with mixed-source materials.

Enhanced Inventory Management for Improved Efficiency

Improved Reservation Releasing and Real-time Availability

Material allocation releasing has been improved, and all allocations for kitted and unkitted materials will now be released automatically at kit transfer to production, reducing the need to contact support to free up materials between production and dekitting. Real-time availability functionality is now synchronized across all platform features, resulting in accurate availability information at any point in the process.

New Inventory Display

New Inventory Display

New Inventory Display

Our new inventory management screen shows greater detail about your inventory status, breaking down total inventory by work-in-progress, reserved, inbound, and more, to give you a real-time accurate count of available inventory.

Manufacturer Part Numbers (MPN) are now cross-referenced to your Custom Part Numbers (CPN) in Inventory, enabling you to see, sort, and search by either number. You can now quickly export all information Excel for offline reporting or interact through improved APIs to automate into your favorite business intelligence system.

Detailed Information About Inventory in Stock

Our expanded information display shows individual item status in inventory: reservations, work-in-progress status down to the order level, and detailed history of consumption and moves. Track back from inventory moves to orders, review allocations against future orders, and more.

Consumption Reporting

Not only can you now track all consumption and move records, you can review detailed reporting of how your material inventory is increased and consumed. We track inbound movements, primary and excess consumption, and return to inventory at an order level, and visually show changes to inventory over time.

Improved Inbound Shipment Management

Inbound shipments now allow shipping items not yet defined in your inventory, editing shipments
until receipt, and reviewing line-item level tracking of received components.

Improved Inbound Shipment Management

Improved Inbound Shipment Management

With this new MacroFab Platform release, managing mixed-source materials is easier than ever,
with all the transparency you’ve asked us for to ensure effective management of your owned

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