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Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering each week.

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Pod ganizer

The POD-Ganizer

Stephen gets an upgrade in his electronics lab with a new multimeter, A Fluke 87V! We break down Stephen’s old meter vs the new Fluke.

Riley hall can fictiv make beef flags

Riley Hall - Can Fictiv Make Beef Flags?

This week, Riley Hall of Fictiv joins the podcast to discuss how Fictiv connects engineers and designers to job and machining shops.

Making money the hard way

Making Money the Hard Way

The US Mint Denver produces 30 million coins a day. Denes, the tooling department manager, discusses with us how production at this scale functions.

Yeti job hunt

The Yeti Job Hunt

Stephen is on the hunt for the next step in his electrical engineering career and shares the shifts in the industry and what employers are looking for.

Thermal hum universe

The Thermal Hum of the Universe

Relay manufactures hate this one simple trick that makes your “sealed” relays last longer! Except TE connectivity who has an note about this relay feature.

Vapor wave reflow

Vapor Wave Reflow

How do you shop for automated electronic assembly machines that cost upwards of a quarter million dollars?

Laser cutting tolerancing

Laser Cutting Tolerancing

They may be known for being electrical engineers but on this episode, Parker and Stephen dig into the more mechanical aspects of their current projects

Lets segway into the next topic

Let’s Segway into the Next Topic

AI and ChatGPT have been in the news about how it will change world views or will it be relegated, making sure NPCs in video games don’t repeat dialog?

Product of many imaginations

Product of Many Imaginations

MacroFab's Misha Govshteyn and Chris Church check in with Parker and Stephen to give his take on supply chains, nearshoring and reshoring.

Breadboarding for success

Breadboarding for Success

This week we are talking about Breadboards. Is breadboarding a circuit or design still applicable in today's SMT component dominated world?

It is 2023 why does footprint design still suck

It is 2023, Why Does Footprint Design Still Suck?

Why is there such a disconnect between component datasheet drawings and EDA footprint layout tools? Stephen and Parker dive into this on this podcast.

Cold welding this podcast together

Cold Welding This Podcast Together

Will this podcast hold together? Or will the tig welder that Stephen is modifying tear the podcast apart at the seams? Only 555 timers can save us!

Current conscience comparator

Current Conscience Comparator

How low can the power consumption of the Cat Feeder Unreminder go? Parker and Stephen discuss leakage current on this episode of the podcast!

Datasheet lore

Datasheet Lore

What lore have you discovered in component datasheets? On this episode, Parker talks about how he picks electrical components and risk management.

The social media nightmare

The Social Media Nightmare

This week's topics are: Porsche's Synthetic Gasoline, Record Chip Manufacturing Sales for the year 2022, and the Raspberry_Pi Social Media Firestorm.

Seventh annual macrofab star wars christmas special were the rebel codebreakers

Seventh Annual Star Wars Christmas Special

Will the Rebel Codebreakers be able to emerge victorious against the Empire, or will they succumb to the overwhelming power of the Empire? Tune in!

Dont let ai brew your beer

Don’t Let AI Brew Your Beer

Parker and Stephen discuss Chat GPT-3, a language processing AI system, and what it can mean for engineers and society.

The one they talk about football fields for a long time

The One They Talk About Football Fields For a Long Time

If American Football is a game of inches, the tolerance of the field, markings, and measuring devices must be lower than that.... right?

A consumable for your wallet

A Consumable For Your Wallet

Car companies are starting to roll out performance subscription services for vehicles but is this any different then consumable horse power adders?

The name will arrive

The Name Will Arrive

The quest for the right connector for a project! The right of passage for any hardware electrical engineer starts with a connector catalog.

Cnc crafting

CNC Crafting

Stephen starts his new CNC build and discusses machining ATP-5 aluminum tool plate! Parker recaps the charity stream and discusses what comes next.

Signal switching for maximum offness

Signal Switching for Maximum Offness

Hail to the signal switcher! On this episode, Parker wraps up his prep work for the Extra-Life Charity stream and Stephen discusses switching signals.

Estimating effort

Estimating Effort

Why is estimating a projects completion time feel like it takes more work then the actual project? Estimating Project Time, the quest of management.

Connector catalogs

Connector Catalogs

This is the last installment of Stephen's 'Adventures in Injection Molding'. We are going to recap the entire two year sage and close the book on it.

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