Project management
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Project Management Expertise at Your Fingertips

Enjoy personalized attention and peace of mind with a dedicated project manager by your side

Managing Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) project manufacture becomes increasingly challenging as the intricacy of tasks escalates, from procuring necessary components to implementing production phases. Whatever the difficulty, MacroFab can handle it for you. Let our dedicated and seasoned project managers seamlessly manage your project's progress.

Project Management Without Stress

Our experienced project managers will take the reins and ensure smooth execution from component sourcing to production. Expect seamless, stress-free project management all the way to delivery and beyond.

  • Procurement supply chain gold

    Simplified Procurement and Supply Chain Management

    Leave procurement, supply chain, and inventory tracking to your project manager, who is responsible for making sure the parts you need are available and that all the infrastructure for controlling and distributing inventory is in place.

  • Bom design for x gold

    BoMs Designed for X

    Create flexible bills of materials based on real-time market data, prevent costly rework with manufacture-ready designs, and ensure quality with detailed quality checks and multiple testing options. Your dedicated project manager is here to answer any QA inquiries. DFQ, DFA, and DFM support available.

  • Post distribution gold

    Post-Distribution Management

    Your project manager will continue to monitor your product closely after launch. In addition to optimizing reverse logistics, your PM can gather feedback from customers and assist with solving any issues that may arise.

The MacroFab Guarantee

For one year after manufacture, anything you produce through MacroFab is backed by our workmanship quality guarantee. Let your project manager know if you find any quality issues in your stackups or boards, and we’d be happy to fix them at no additional cost.

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Expert Support

MacroFab's expert team is here to provide guidance and assistance throughout the manufacturing process

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Integrated Collaboration

MacroFab's integrated approach helps teams effectively collaborate across
engineering, product, and supply chain departments

Worry-Free Pricing

MacroFab’s technology platform offers complete price transparency for every stage of your production

Accelerated product development white

Accelerated Product Development

New product development and launch times can be significantly reduced using
MacroFab product management