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Protect Your PCBA Intellectual Property

Keep your electronic designs safe at all times

Have you ever thought about how your manufacturing partner protects your IP? North American businesses currently working with manufacturers in the APAC region, particularly China, are rightfully concerned about protecting their Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). When it comes to production, you shouldn't have to worry about your hard work being compromised. That's why many are now considering moving production closer to home.

The Cost of IP Theft is too High

In 2022, both FBI and MI5 chiefs issued warnings against China’s government-led theft of commercial intellectual property. Keep your netlists, schematics, and design data as secure during manufacture and assembly as they are during design to protect your current project and your entire organization.

Choose a manufacturing partner who values your IP protection as much as you do.

  • Buil in ip security gold

    Built-in IP Security

    MacroFab's innovative technology platform offers digital tools, dashboards, data storage and information sharing to optimize every step of your product development lifecycle while keeping your IP fully protected from threats.

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    Secure Order Management

    Use MacroFab's secure web portal to manage orders and make your documentation process a breeze.

  • Development transparency gold

    Developmental Transparency

    MacroFab's single digital thread maintains a history of all design changes, providing your team complete visibility into your product development process.

  • Ensured confidence gold

    Ensured Confidentiality

    Your IP confidentiality is 100% ensured by a strong mutual NDA and a one-year service guarantee.

Develop electronics complete confidence Develop electronics complete confidence

MacroFab: Build with IP Security in Mind

Ready to revolutionize the electronics manufacturing process while keeping your IP secure? MacroFab is the answer. Our innovative technology platform offers digital tools, dashboards, data storage, and information to optimize every step of your product development lifecycle - from early-stage prototyping to mass production and end-of-life.

But what really sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to protecting your valuable intellectual property. With MacroFab, you can have complete confidence in the safety and security of your electronics designs. Here's how we do it:

  • A Mutual NDA and service guarantee ensures 100% confidentiality
  • A diverse network of PCBA manufacturing lines in the US, Mexico, and Canada, where IP laws are robust.
  • Contract manufacturing partners that are thoroughly vetted to meet the highest standards of safety and security.
  • A single digital thread that maintains a history of all design changes, giving your team complete visibility into the product development process.

Your intellectual property will remain safe and secure throughout the entire manufacturing process with these features.

Develop New Electronics with Complete Confidence

With MacroFab, you can finally optimize and accelerate your electronics development process without compromising your IP. When your data and designs are safe

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