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Make better manufacturing decisions with transparent supply chain data & deliver a finalized product to your team faster

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Upload. Order. Receive.

Drag and drop your design files, verify your BOM to get instant, itemized quotes with lead times. It’s never been easier to get your PCB assemblies manufactured.

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Instant, Itemized Quotes

Gone are the days of speaking to salespeople and waiting weeks for a quote, just to prototype. Upload your design files to MacroFab’s secure platform to get a quote for PCB assembly in minutes. Your quotes are itemized to help determine how to cut costs or optimize your design. View your BOM, then process your order with a few clicks. No more emails back and forth, just upload and go.

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Bill of Material 10 Day

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Any Size Order

Faster, Predictable Lead Times

The MacroFab Platform intelligently determines your lead time based on several variables and displays it on your screen. We are always improving lead times through process improvements and through our partner network of factories to give you the best service possible. Place an order of any size through MacroFab and we will ensure that it gets produced in the right factory with the right capabilities for your job, at the best available lead times. Rely on MacroFab to be your electronics manufacturing solution and tap into the available capacity of multiple factories.

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Real-Time Supply Chain Data

Better Decision-Making with Supply Chain Data

You’ve worked hard on your design and want it to be made exactly to your specifications. Use MacroFab’s real-time Supply Chain data to forecast parts availability and pricing for your high volume builds.

Identify cost breakdowns to make better decisions for your team:

  • Price transparency
  • View parts availability to forecast mid and high-volume production
  • Examine the labor impact on your component choices

Discover clarity through transparency:
A new level of experience awaits
Track your order at every stage with our streamlined platform. Our team is also available to answer your questions.

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