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8:30 AM- 5:30 PM CDT


MacroFab, Inc.

MacroFab Platform Demo

See the MacroFab Platform in Action

Learn how MacroFab can help you effortlessly assemble PCBs, whether you need 1 or 1,000+ boards

Product Demo

Click through the self-guided product experience.

Upload PCB Files

Drag & drop your gerber or native EDA files directly into our platform. Our system is compatible with popular EDA formats, including Eagle, KiCad, Diptrace, Altium, and more!

Upload Bill of Materials

Any new lists or edits will automatically be made available or cascade to all PCBs in your company’s account, respectively.

You simply reference the Custom Part Number (CPN) for the list in your PCB’s Bill of Materials, so you only manage these lists from one place.

Strategic Sourcing

  • Native support for alternative part lists enriched with supply chain data from the MacroFab Platform.
  • With a well-defined allowed parts list, if a part goes out of stock after your order is placed, our strategic sourcing team will attempt to secure stock based on the supply chain strategies you have set.
  • The strategies that can be set on a per line-item basis include Price or Fixed. Price is a cost optimization strategy, and Fixed is a manually defined strategy. This way, we can help you proactively manage risk by not losing critical days getting your approvals if your preferred parts go out of stock.

Review Your Quote & Order

Dynamic pricing generated in real-time from the supply chain down to the component level.

Total component cost transparency allows users to understand cost implications for individual components at scale (ex: avoid expensive to place parts with high labor costs)

Macrofab platform design quote screen

Try the Demo For Yourself

Now that you’ve seen what our platform is capable of, give it a go! We have test PCBs loaded so you can play as much as you like before uploading your own designs. No login necessary.

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MacroFab, Inc.

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MacroFab empowers companies with new tools to proactively manage risks when relying on parts that can go out of stock at a moment's notice.