Standard custom pcb layer stackups
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Standard and Custom PCB Layer Stackups

No matter the complexity of your PCBA, get the perfect stackup to meet your needs.

Electronic products are smaller, faster, and more complex than ever. In an era when electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is a growing concern, layer stackup options are crucial. Regardless of your PCB layer stackup requirements, MacroFab provides a range of customizable options. Take your PCB assembly further with a custom stackup.

Stackups Tailored to Your Needs

To meet today's speed, size, and performance expectations, the right PCB stackup is essential, and we ensure you get it right. Design a stackup from scratch or use one of our standard options. With MacroFab, you have the flexibility and expertise you need to achieve your most ambitious design goals.

  • Standard pcb stackups

    Standard PCB Layer Stackups

    Default configurations for your bare PCBs and PCBA assemblies with 2 to 10 layers, with support available for assemblies with more than 10 layers.

  • Custom pcb layer stackups

    Custom PCB Layer Stackups

    Specify substrate materials and select from a wide range of PCB specifications, including manufacturing type, layer count, solder mask color, and more. Talk to our support team for a custom quote.

  • Pcba drc gold

    Robust PCBA Specifications and Design Rule Checks (DRCs)

    Design and manufacture advanced electronics products at scale according to your specific engineering vision, utilizing MacroFab's wide range of PCB specifications and DRC rule sets.

  • Assembly capabilities gold

    End-to-End Assembly Capabilities

    Keep all of your manufacturing activity-from your earliest iterations to your final product delivery- within the MacroFab ecosystem to maintain one cohesive and optimized production process.

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