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Why Choose MacroFab

EVP of Operations, Luis Correa, describes our customer-centric approach and advanced solutions that make us the top choice for electronics manufacturers.

October 26, 2023

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Culture that defines macrofab

The Culture That Defines MacroFab

Discover MacroFab's dynamic culture! EVP of Operations Luis Correa shares our company philosophy.

Macrofab reshoring nearshoring journey og

MacroFab’s Reshoring and Nearshoring Journey

Unlock the secrets of effective reshoring & nearshoring with MacroFab! EVP of Operations Luis Correa highlights how we assist customers in returning home.

Cost counterfeit pcba parts

The Real Cost of Counterfeit PCBA Parts

MacroFab's head of strategic sourcing Cody Endlich discusses counterfeit part avoidance, and the risks those parts pose to the economy and American jobs.

Truth about counterfeits

The Truth About Counterfeits

MacroFab's head of strategic sourcing Cody Endlich explains how counterfeiters create fake parts, and the risks they pose to your business and your builds.

Counterfeit pcba parts

Why Cheap Open-Market Parts Can Be Risky

Cody Endlich, MacroFab’s head of strategic sourcing, explains why working with a trusted partner can be key to success in open-market component purchases.

Beware the fakes

Counterfeit PCBA Parts in Electronics Manufacturing

Discussion on PCBA parts and the impact on electronic builds. MacroFab has managed a zero percent failure rate for nonconformity or counterfeit parts.

Engineering design tips supply chain

Tips for Engineers to Combat Electronic Component Supply Chain Issues

The MacroFab technology platform provides superior visibility and flexibility to solve today's most common supply chain issues.

Macrofab platform francisco luna

What is the MacroFab Platform?

MacroFab offers instant feedback on your BoM and component availability so that you can get an accurate quote faster.

Issues engineers face production

Electrical Engineers' Current Production Challenges

Francisco Luna discusses the top issues that can derail PCBA projects, including supply chain issues that lead engineers to redesign products.

Engineers prepare bom

What Can Engineers Do to Prepare Their PCBA BoM?

Sales engineer Francisco Luna explains the MacroFab platform and the required files to begin the order process.

Advice for supply chain professionals

Risk Mitigation Tips for Electronics Supply Chain Professionals

Prevent your electronics production from stalling in today's supply chain environment with a step-by-step process to minimize supply chain risk.

Key pointers for engineers

PCBA Product Lifecycle Management with the MacroFab Platform

Sales engineer Francisco Luna explains how the MacroFab platform provides engineers with flexibility and faster design, tool, and process validation.

Votronics macrofab superior

Votronics on What Makes MacroFab Superior?

Votronics Premier factory partner Clint Cooley discusses how the MacroFab partner program has helped his company.

Votronics sold on macrofab platform

Votronics On What Sold You on Getting on the MacroFab Platform

Discover how a MacroFab factory partnership empowered one company to expand its technical capabilities, improve its workforce, and purchase new equipment.

Votronics achievements macrofab platform

Votronics on Achievements with the MacroFab Platform

A MacroFab factory partnership helped one company streamline internal processes and improve documentation.

Votronics macrofab exceeded expectations

Votronics on How MacroFab Exceeded Expectations

Find out how MacroFab project managers helped one factory partner achieve a superb project result and exceed customer expectations.

Votronics macrofab business model

Votronics on the MacroFab Business Model

Factory partner Clint Cooley feels the MacroFab dashboard leads to better products for customers and better job understanding for factory partners.

Votronics considerations

Votronics on Partnering with MacroFab

Hear current factory partner Clint Cooley explain why partnering with MacroFab improves business performance for small PCBA manufacturers.

Votronics macrofab experience

Votronics Describes Their Experience with MacroFab

Listen to current factory partner Clint Cooley describe his revolutionary experience with MacroFab.

Votronics impact

Votronics and the MacroFab Platform Impact

In this video, factory partner Clint Cooley explains how their MacroFab factory partnership enables them to scale, grow, and work efficiently.

Votronics feature

Votronics Favorite MacroFab Platform Feature

Learn why one of our factory partners loves our CAM and modeling data, and why he feels MacroFab's work instructions make his company's job easier.

Votronics recommendations

Votronics Recommendation on MacroFab

Votronics Premier, our current factory partner, rates us 12 out of 10 on our recommendation value.

Votronics success

Votronics Success Story with MacroFab

Here's how MacroFab collaborated with a skilled factory partner to successfully complete a challenging project.

Votronics comments

Votronics Final Comments About Working With MacroFab

Learn more about the benefits of working with MacroFab from our current factory partner. Don't miss out on this winning partnership.