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Testing and Inspection for Exceptional Quality

Ensure your products always meet the highest standards

A quality hardware tech product is dependent on testing and inspection. Working with MacroFab from the design stage through to testing allows you to produce products that test well, get results quickly, and iterate rapidly so that you can meet your deadlines and satisfy your customers.

How MacroFab Promotes Testing and Inspection

With MacroFab, hardware tech companies can design more resilient products and test PCBAs efficiently at scale. We provide comprehensive testing capabilities, as well as tools that empower engineers to make improvements before pushing forward with full-scale production.

  • Test driven design

    Test-driven Design

    Design innovative electronics, optimized for testing and inspection from inception. Choose components and layouts that guarantee easy access to test points without negotiating on cost or functionality.

  • Insightful analytics

    Insightful Analytics

    Utilize software-based solutions to collect and organize comprehensive testing data for complex designs. Unleash the full
    potential of your electronics and expedite updates using this invaluable information.

  • Avoid unnecessary redesigns

    Avoiding Unnecessary Redesigns

    Avert expensive redesigns through thorough testing. Decrease the chance of late-stage errors or engineering change orders (ECOs) affecting production timelines and budget estimates. Introduce new products to the market swiftly and confidently.

  • Enhanced quality production

    Enhanced Quality Production

    Manufacture robust electronics that fulfill your business goals. Through automated optical inspections and final quality assurance checks, MacroFab maintains a high standard of quality so you exceed customer expectations and maintain your reputation.