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Complete PCBA Mass Production Flexibility

Achieve your production goals within your desired scale while staying within your budget and timeline constraints

Electronics companies often rely on overseas contract manufacturers, leaving them exposed to the restrictions of a single far-away vendor. By connecting to MacroFab's extensive network of reliable North American factory lines, you can reduce your reliance on any particular vendor while also benefiting from our open capacity and the absence of fixed volume commitments.

No Minimums, Just Possibilities

Are you looking for flexible, cost-effective electronics manufacturing that doesn't require minimum quantities and large down payments, that will treat your small orders with the same sense of urgency as your large ones? With over 100 North American factory lines at your disposal, MacroFab offers you faster turnaround and better pricing for every production job regardless of size--without high volume commitments.

  • No minimum volume gold

    No Minimum Volume Commitments

    Execute everything from ultra-low runs to large mass production runs within MacroFab’s partner network. Split large projects up across several facilities or place an entire order with one capable manufacturer.

  • Flexible scaling gold

    Flexible Scaling As Needed

    MacroFab won’t deprioritize orders based only on volume. No matter how many boards you require, we are committed to supporting your production needs every time. When market conditions change your manufacturing needs--up or down-- we're ready to manufacture to your current demand.

  • Ensured competitive pricing gold

    Ensured Competitive Pricing

    Conveniently collect and evaluate multiple bids through our factory network fto make certain you always get the best possible deal for any given order.

  • Faster turnaround gold

    Faster Turnaround

    Get quick PCB assembly quotes and connect with factory lines with available capacity so you can start your order right away. Using facilities near your location will facilitate logistics and coordination, and finished goods will get delivered faster.

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Guaranteed Quality, Every Time

All electronics manufactured through MacroFab's North American factory network are backed by our workmanship quality guarantee. We’ll fix any issues you find in your stackups or boards at no additional cost.

  • A diverse network of PCBA manufacturing lines in the
    USA, Mexico, and Canada where IP laws are robust.
  • A mutual NDA and service guarantee that ensures 100
    percent confidentiality.
  • A secure web portal that makes managing orders and
    documentation safely a breeze.
  • A single digital thread that maintains a history of all design
    changes to give your team complete visibility into your
    product development process.

One Partnership, Infinite Manufacturing Solutions

Experience the power of precision and adaptability. MacroFab's AI-enabled platform coupled with our expansive factory network ensures your project is always paired with the optimum manufacturing solution. Don't be confined to the restricted options offered by a single manufacturing site. Partner with MacroFab and witness first-hand the unparalleled flexibility that modern electronics can offer.

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Customized Production Options

We handle every complex and time-consuming task so you can concentrate on what you do best: growing your business.

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Guaranteed Quality

MacroFab provides high-quality PCB assembly services that meet the highest industry standards, guaranteed to meet your exacting specifications.

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As market conditions or product lifecycle needs change, scale your manufacturing to match current needs.

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Reliable North American Partners

Over 100 vetted, quality factory lines with ready capacity for orders of every size, right in your backyard.