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Unlock the power of effective procurement strategies using a comprehensive range of services, with guidance and support every step of the way

It’s difficult to find cost-effective electronic components today. Supply can dry up quickly due to competitive dynamics, and disruption can occur anywhere. By utilizing MacroFab’s advanced procurement capabilities and services, you can overcome these obstacles at every step of your product’s lifecycle.

Partnering Locally with a Global Perspective

In the complex world of supply chain management, successful procurement is pivotal for business competitiveness. At MacroFab, we bridge the local-global divide by harnessing a comprehensive network of global suppliers, along with our powerful strategic sourcing capabilities. This ensures that you maintain complete control over your final product. With a local partnership mindset and a global perspective, MacroFab simplifies your procurement process, saving you time and boosting your business efficiency.

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    Fifty Global Suppliers

    By utilizing MacroFab’s extensive supplier network, you can broaden your access to vital components from all corners of the globe. Bypass the need for conducting your own supplier research and evaluation to free up time for other aspects of your business. Receive quotes fast so you can make prompt, informed decisions.

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    Rapid Procurement

    Using MacroFab’s strong supplier relationships, you can always find the parts you need. Determine when you receive the parts, whether it’s for just-in-time manufacturing or for building contingency inventory. This empowers you to optimize your capacity and plan production orders effectively according to your desired turnaround times.

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    Informed Design

    MacroFab’s service empowers collaboration between purchasing and design teams, giving you greater control over your final product. Make use of real-time component data from the beginning of your design process to reduce the need to reevaluate your BOMs when component availability, costs, or lead times change.

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    Strategic Sourcing

    Utilize MacroFab’s strategic sourcing expertise to source even the hardest-to-find components. Invest in process resilience and expand your design flexibility to cope with local and global disruptions with ease.

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    Everything Online

    With MacroFab, you can easily manage your orders by utilizing automation workflows, which helps to minimize human error, decrease administrative burdens, and speed up the order processing time. Moreover, all your sensitive order information is kept secure in one platform. Easily place re-orders, track order timelines, manage inventories, schedule releases, and pay invoices through our accessible technology platform.

The MacroFab Guarantee

All of your electronics products manufactured through MacroFab are backed by our one-year workmanship quality guarantee. We’ll fix any board or stackup issues you find during or after mass production at no additional cost.

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Integrated Collaboration

MacroFab’s integrated approach helps teams effectively collaborate across engineering, product, and supply chain departments

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Accurate Forecasting

No more incomplete or inconsistent information to skew your reports so you can confidently hit revenue targets

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Accelerated Product Development

With MacroFab, the development process is continuous, allowing you to get to market quicker

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Worry-Free Pricing

Our technologyplatform helps you understand how pricing will change as your product demands grows