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Assuring quality within

Ensuring Quality from Within

Our quality assurance practices ensure your success at any volume, even for complex builds.

To achieve success with your PCBA project, choose a manufacturer that prioritizes quality. While price is important, it's crucial that your CM also delivers superior work. Our extensive testing, clear documentation, and open partnership support your production targets and gives you confidence that quality is built in from the outset.

Product Quality You Can Rely On

MacroFab focuses on delivering superior quality products to meet your exacting standards. Our rigorous testing and detailed manufacturing processes will ensure your products exceed your expectations every time.

  • Established quality frameworks gold

    Established Quality Frameworks

    Experience superior product quality through our team's adherence to the highest quality policies and standards, which are regularly documented through our technology platform to ensure that each of your products surpasses your requirements, delivering cost-effective solutions that meet your business needs.

  • Testing system integration gold

    Testing & System Integration

    MacroFab’s comprehensive testing services include test fixture development, functional test development, boundary scan, in-circuit test development, flying probe test, AOI and X-ray testing, RF spectrum testing, and DFT services. Additionally, we offer system integration to expertly assemble your finished products.

  • Product journey monitoring gold

    Product Journey Monitoring

    Access MacroFab’s comprehensive digital thread to capture every detail of your product's evolution throughout the design and build process. Using this information, you can compare design versions, respond to audits, promote accountability, and maintain control over your intellectual property.

  • Counterfeit protection

    Counterfeit Protection

    MacroFab safeguards your reputation by sourcing components exclusively from trusted and tested vendors to ensure your finished goods are constructed with authentic, safe, and reliable parts.

The MacroFab Guarantee

If you still find quality issues in product after manufacture, we’ll fix them at no additional cost. Anything produced through our North American factory network is backed by our workmanship quality guarantee for one year.

Why Customers Choose MacroFab

Choose MacroFab for our year-long commitment to promptly address any project issues. Trust in our superior workmanship, our proactive customer service, and our unwavering dedication to your success.

Strict mfg standards white

Strict Manufacturing Standards

The MacroFab factory network includes only facilities that undergo regular audits to maintain strict quality standards

Access technologies white

Access to Many Technologies

Choose the best manufacturing process for your specific requirements to ensure optimal product performance

Risk management white

Risk Management

Leverage MacroFab's wide manufacturing capabilities to mitigate risks like production delays caused by quality issues

Improved competitive strategy white

Improved Competitive Advantage

By utilizing our expert guidance and cutting-edge technology, you'll always stay ahead of your competition