Change tracking
Change tracking

Unlock Your Design Potential with Change Tracking

Take control of your design journey by maintaining a precise record of every design change from inception to completion.

As you journey through your design process, celebrate the power of meticulous detail tracking. Engage in swift iterations knowing that all previous design versions remain securely stored for your reference.

Why Choose Change Tracking?

In a fast-paced, competitive environment where efficiency and cost-effectiveness are crucial, the capacity to revisit or revert to prior design versions could be your secret weapon. With MacroFab's cutting-edge technology platform, gain a competitive advantage while simultaneously enhancing your design quality by keeping your entire team perfectly aligned.

  • Simplify design records

    Simplify Design Records

    With a single glance, track every change your engineering team makes to the designs. This not only allows you to recognize the prime contributors to each design iteration but also erases the hassle of manually tracking revisions while fostering more effective team communication.

  • Speed up redesigns

    Speed Up Redesigns

    With change tracking, you can quickly revisit past design iterations and see how constraints or requirements were addressed in the past. This practice eliminates repetition, accelerating your design process and refining your product to its best possible version.

  • Promote efficient assembly

    Promote Efficient Assembly

    Foster cross-functional collaboration by sharing digital versions of your designs. With MacroFab, navigating through the intricacies of parts availability and design for manufacturability becomes effortless, enabling you to accomplish your tasks quicker.

  • Protect ip ownership

    Protect Your IP Ownership

    Guard your designs - your most precious intellectual property - from potential threats and mismanagement. MacroFab enables you to securely store every design iteration while maintaining total control. Rest assured, you can access your design record whenever needed.