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Frustrated with PCB prototype delays and hidden costs? MacroFab streamlines the process. Upload your design for instant quotes, lead times, and expert feedback. Forget minimum orders and focus on potential; MacroFab scales with you every step of the way.

Get quotes and place orders 24/7 with full visibility. Our quality team ensures flawless results – all on one easy-to-use platform.

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Stuck waiting to scale from prototype to production? MacroFab closes the gap. Leverage our pre-vetted North American factory network for seamless high-volume electronics manufacturing, and scale with your vision. Reduce risk, launch faster, and dominate your market backed by a partner who already understands every aspect of your production needs. Check out our certifications and capabilities now.

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MacroFab's High Volume Production Service provides dedicated program managers to guide you every step of the way. We combine high-touch support with robust Quality Management and Production Systems, so your custom project runs smoothly, on time, and within budget, no matter the complexity or quantity of your order. We help any size company reach their full potential.

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Not quite ready to start production? No problem! Connect with us today to discuss your PCBA project and explore how MacroFab can improve quality, solve challenges, and move your vision forward.

Bring Your Electronics Vision to Life, Faster

MacroFab optimizes your entire manufacturing process. From initial concept (NPI) to pilot runs and full production, our North American factory network can tackle your every electronics manufacturing need. We offer:

  • Quality sourcing backed by ERAI membership
  • Tight-tolerance manufacturing capabilities
  • In-house production expertise
  • Dedicated program management
  • Multi-year program/product agreements

A Single Platform for all Your Electronics Manufacturing Needs

MacroFab Platform

Tired of chasing engineering and order updates? MacroFab simplifies the process. Our online platform lets you upload and manage PCBA designs and specifications, get instant quotes, and track production – all in one place. No more wasted time on emails or calls. Your team can work together on one platform and be kept up to date on order progress.

Focus on innovation, not production headaches. Our technology platform keeps your projects on time with real-time data including instant visibility into available components. See potential supply chain issues before they arise and choose alternatives with a single click.

With MacroFab, companies of all sizes can enjoy a faster, smoother manufacturing journey. Take control and stay ahead.

Stop unexpected PCB assembly costs with MacroFab's real-time dynamic pricing. See exactly how your design choices affect budget before you order.

Make informed decisions with instant visibility of component availability and lead times. Our price algorithm ensures accurate quotes, so you can design for better margins at scale.

Gain complete control with real-time tracking of order status, timelines, and inventory. Avoid delays that eat into your budget.

Every successful build adds up to bigger rewards. MacroFab's loyalty program gives you more savings as your purchase quantity increases. The more you build with us, the more you save on future projects.

Feeling lost in the electronics manufacturing maze? MacroFab's engineers become an extension of your team.

We don't just optimize your PCBA design for easier manufacturing, better functionality, or lower costs – we're your expert partner throughout the entire process. Get our guidance for prototyping, testing, assembly, quality control, and even mass production planning. This comprehensive support empowers you to make informed decisions about production quantities, schedules, and supply chain management.

Your success is our success. We partner with you to bring your vision to life, maximizing your product's potential in the competitive electronics market. Count on our engineers and specialists to support you every step of the way.

Services and Capabilities

PCB Fabrication

  • 2-36 layers
  • Blind, buried, micro-drilled vias
  • High-Density Interconnect (HDI)
  • Controlled impedance
  • Castellations
  • Flip-chip capable
  • Encapsulating (Epoxy potting)

PCB and Product Assembly

  • Through-hole, SMD, hybrid, modules
  • Full product box build assemblies
  • Double-sided assembly by default
  • Conformal Coating
  • Cable and wire harness Minimal component size 01005
  • IPC-A-610 Class 2 and 3

Engineering Services

  • PCB Design Review DRC and DFM
  • File conversion and management

Testing and Validation

  • Component Programming and Flashing
  • Functional testing
  • In-Circuit Testing (ICT)
  • Burn-in
  • Flying probe
  • RF spectrum testing

Component Sourcing

  • Real-time stock visibility Integrated component suppliers
  • Turnkey Component Sourcing
  • Customer Supplied Inventory Support
  • Consignment Support
  • Alternative sourcing
  • Component Lifecycle management
  • Real-time stock visibility Integrated component suppliers
  • Turnkey Component Sourcing
  • Customer Supplied Inventory Support
  • Consignment Support
  • Alternative sourcing
  • Component Lifecycle management

Layer Count and Stackups

  • 2-32 Layers
  • Default and Custom stackups available

Surface Finish

  • ENIG (standard)
  • Lead-free HASL
  • EHG


  • FR4-TG1785 (standard)
  • Rogers 4003C
  • Rogers 4350B
  • Rogers 4450B
  • Aluminum
  • Other materials possible - contact for details

Copper Weight

  • ½ oz (18µm)
  • 1 oz (35µm)
  • 2 oz(70µm)
  • Other weights possible - contact for details

Silkscreen Colors

  • White (standard)
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Black

Soldermask Colors

  • Red (standard)
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • White
  • Matte Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Transparent
  • Light Green
  • Matte Green

Fabrication Processes

  • Plated Slots
  • Impedance Control
  • Hard gold
  • Edge fingers
  • Beveled edges
  • Blind, buried, micro-drilled, - back-drilled vias
  • Via in Pad - Epoxy filled - and capped vias
  • Castellations

Via Fill Options

  • Soldermask Tented
  • Non-conductive Epoxy
  • Conductive epoxy
  • Copper

Board Area

  • Max dimensions: 14.9” x 14.9” (378.46mm x 378.46mm)
  • Minimum billable area: 1 square inch (25.4mm²)
  • Larger boards possible - contact for details

Board Thickness

  • 0.062” (1.6mm) standard
  • 0.008”-0.248” (0.2mm-6.3mm) custom
  • PCB thickness increments at 0.0004” (0.1016mm)

100% E-tested

  • PCBs are 100% E-tested at the PCB fabrication house


  • RoHS/lead-free solder only
  • SAC305 for surface mount
  • SN100 only for through-hole


  • SMT: no-clean
  • Through-hole: no-clean or water wash

Assembly Supported

  • Single-sided or double-sided
  • Through-hole (PTH)
  • SMD
  • BGA
  • LGA
  • SoP
  • Modules and Daughterboard

Mechanical Component Limits

  • Chip components, ex: resistors/ capacitors
    • 01005 10 mil x 05 mil (0.25mm x 0.0125mm)
  • Leaded packages, ex: SOIC/QFP/TSOP
    • 11.8 mil (0.3mm) Lead Pitch
  • Leadless packages, ex: QFN, TQFN
    • 11.8 mil (0.3mm) Lead Pitch
    • 15.7 mil (0.4mm) Ball Pitch


  • V-score and Linear blade
  • Mouse bites
  • Fully Routed

Machines and Processes

  • Solder Paste Screen Printers
  • Solder Paste Jet Printers
  • SMT Pick and Place machines
  • Convection Reflow Ovens
  • Automatic Optical Inspection
  • PCB Automatic Board Washers
  • Selective and Wave Through Hole Soldering
  • X-Ray inspection

Conformal Coating

  • UV tracer is added to all conformal coating and boards are inspected under a UV light according to certified industry standards
  • Materials
    • Acrylic
    • Silicone
    • Polyurethane

Component Programming

  • Pre assembly flashing
  • In circuit programming
  • All major microcontroller programming supported

Testing and Validation

  • Full Functional
  • In-Circuit Testing (ICT)
  • Burn-in cycles
  • Flying probe
  • RF spectrum testing

Full product Assembly

  • Labels and Serialization
  • Epoxy encasement
  • Enclosure assembly
  • Packaging and Documentation

Design Minimums

  • Trace Width - 3 mil (0.0762mm)
  • Spacing - 3 mil (0.0762mm)
  • Annular Ring - 3 mil (0.0762mm)
  • Clearance: Copper to Edge of Board - 3 mil (0.0762mm)
  • Drill Size - 4 mil (0.1016mm)
  • NPTH Drill to Drill - 6 mil (0.1524mm)
  • PTH Drill to Drill - 19.69 mil (0.5mm)
  • Paste Aperture - 6 mil (0.1524mm)
  • Paste Clearance - 6 mil (0.1524mm)
  • Silkscreen Size - 5 mil (0.127mm)
  • Silkscreen Text Height - 32 mil (0.8mm)
  • Soldermask Dam - 3.93 mil (0.1mm)
  • External Route Radius - 39.37 mil (1.0mm)
  • Internal Route Radius - 31.49 mil (0.8mm)


  • Board thickness tolerance:
    • T < 1.0mm: ±15%
    • 1.0 > T<1.6mm: ±10%
    • T>1.6mm: ±10%
  • PCB Board Edge
    • ± 6 mil (0.15mm)
  • NPTH Drill Hole Size
    • ± 2 mil (0.05mm)
  • PTH Drill Hole Size
    • ± 3.15 mil (0.08mm)

MacroFab Manufacturing Guarantee

  • Workmanship for one year after manufacturing
  • Information and Intellectual Property is 100% confidential
  • Transparent communication and order visibility
  • Whatever it takes to get it right - for free


  • All assemblies are built to meet IPC-A-610H Class 2 with Class 3 available

Visual Inspection

  • Visual inspection on all assemblies

First Article Inspection Images

  • First Article Inspection Images for customer / engineering review


  • X-Ray for under package leads (BGA and QFN) and engineering validation


  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

MacroFab Facility Certifications

  • ISO9001:2015
  • IPC class 2 and 3 Production
  • ITAR Registered

Partner Facility Certifications

  • AS9100D
  • UL Registered
  • IPC class 2 and 3 Production
  • ISO13485
  • ISO/IATF 16949
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001

SD Safety Procedures

  • ESD Safety procedures as documented in IPC-A-610
Turnkey PCBA Prototyping

Prototyping your PCB assemblies has never been easier with our technology platform Connect sourcing and production for faster iterations, testing, and design refinement.

PCBA Mass Production

Scale up with ease. MacroFab's platform connects you smoothly from sourcing to mass production. Experience faster turnaround times and lower costs with a single, efficient workflow.

Box Build Assembly

Get your complete electronics product built rapidly. Our platform connects all aspects of box build assembly, making sourcing, production, and management easier. Focus on innovation, not logistics.

Electronics Sourcing

Find the board components you need, fast. With MacroFab’s seamless interface you can search, compare, and quote all within one platform, accelerating your design process.

Who We Build For

Batteries & EV Chargers
Consumer & IoT Electronics
Industrial Automation
Test & Measurement

Why Engineers Design and Build With MacroFab

One Platform, Endless Possibilities

Say goodbye to complex workflows. Upload your PCB designs, pick parts, and place your order – all on our user-friendly technology platform. Get instant quotes and focus on innovation, not administrative tasks. By using the MacroFab Factory platform, you can reduce downtime between production stages and get functional prototypes in days, not weeks, speeding up your innovation process by 40%.

Expertise You Can Trust

Since 2013, MacroFab has been building expert teams with decades of knowledge across various industries. Our talented engineers can build quality electronics for any application, from Industrial Automation to Robotics. We ensure your project benefits from proven expertise. With over 900,000 PCBs assembled in 2023, our team has the experience to handle any project size - from single unit prototypes to millions in production.

Reliable On-Time Delivery

We understand meeting deadlines is crucial. MacroFab prioritizes on-time delivery, so you can keep your projects on track and launch with confidence.

The Manufacturing Resources You Need

Our robust supply chain ensures a steady flow of components, keeping your project within budget and hitting deadlines. No more project delays due to unexpected part shortages. Our network of 100+ factories across North America grants you instant access to vast production capacity with diverse manufacturing capabilities.

Unmatched Quality & Security

We deliver top-quality PCBAs that meet and exceed industry standards. Plus, your intellectual property is always 100% confidential with us. Get complete peace of mind with MacroFab.

Data Driven Excellence

MacroFab boasts an industry-leading Net Promoter Score of 54. Our customers love our service and become our biggest advocates.

Have a question? No need to wait for time zone differences as our engineer and support team are here in North America.

Partner with a company that prioritizes your success. We treat every idea like it can change the world.

Don't Take Our Word For It

 We quickly realized how forward thinking MacroFab is and immediately noticed the high quality of their manufacturing. 

 My PCB Assembly experience with MacroFab in three words or less would be high quality, great service and wonderful experience. 

 MacroFab has the best customer service I have ever experienced anywhere, bar none. 

 I had a much better experience with MacroFab than with my last CM! 

Fast Prototypes are Just the Beginning

Exceptional Customer Service Since 2013

Our dedicated team is here to support you at every stage, from prototyping to high-volume production. We offer expert advice, fast turnaround times, and clear communication to ensure your PCBA project runs smoothly.

Made in the USA / North America

It's easy to find the right North American manufacturing capabilities with MacroFab. With our North American and US manufacturing facilities, you can ensure quality and reduce lead times. Build your brand reputation with American-made PCBAs.

Box Build and Testing

You can count on us for more than just PCB assembly. Our comprehensive services include box build, assembly, and functional testing, all under one roof for a streamlined process that keeps you ahead of the competition.

Strategic Sourcing / Procurement

Struggling with component shortages or NPI challenges? Let us source the parts you need and help reduce your costs, so you can focus on innovation.

Guaranteed Quality & Delivery

Experience peace of mind with MacroFab's commitment to quality and on-time delivery. We use advanced inspection techniques and rigorous quality control processes to ensure your PCBAs meet your exact specifications.

Secure Design Uploading

Our secure platform protects your intellectual property while offering digital tools, dashboards, and data storage to streamline your product development journey.

Switch to MacroFab
Don't let electronics manufacturing delays derail your plans. We optimize your processes, connect you to the right resources, and keep your project on track – all from a single platform. Switch to MacroFab for a smoother, smarter manufacturing journey.

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See How Easy Manufacturing Can Be

Want to know more about our PCB manufacturing process? Try our interactive demo and see how simple it can be with MacroFab.

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