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Assembly capabilities

End-to-End Assembly Capabilities

Keep everything under control with one electronics manufacturing solution designed to manage and optimize every stage of your production

Don't waste time managing multiple vendors throughout your product's lifecycle, not when MacroFab provides simplicity, ease of use, and a vast North American factory network. Whether you require prototyping, PCB assembly, or cable and product assembly, MacroFab has the services you need all in one place.

Eliminate Downtime & Keep Ahead of the Competition

Any downtime between prototyping, production, and post-production services can delay the delivery of your final product. That's why MacroFab offers a comprehensive electronics manufacturing solution to seamlessly transition your order from prototyping to full-scale manufacturing to post-production with zero disruptions.

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    Always Made in North America

    Easily integrate with our existing factory lines and transition from overseas manufacturers to North America without having to find, evaluate, and negotiate contracts for prototyping, production, aftermarket services, and shipping. Using our reputable network makes migrating to North American manufacturing a straightforward process.

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    The Capabilities You Need

    Whether you need a single-sided assembly or a double-sided assembly, SMT or through-hole components, 100 units or 100,000, MacroFab has the right factory line for your project. All orders are compliant with RoHS regulations and meet IPC-A-610H class 2 standards.

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    Identify Project Barriers Sooner

    When a single team handles your project from start to finish, bottlenecks can be identified sooner. Make informed decisions in realtime to ensure your project stays on track and within budget.

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    Reduce Last-Minute Delays and Mistakes

    Ensure that your project's sensitive details get handled by the experts who know it inside out to reduce the possibility of mistakes in post-production delaying your deadlines.


From Beginning to End, Count on MacroFab

Leverage MacroFab's integrated platform to reduce overhead, accelerate time to market, and optimize your supply chain. With MacroFab, you can deliver fully assembled, market-ready products faster and exceed your customers' expectations.

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Design and Prototype

Rapid turnaround using American-based design iteration.

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Production Options

Scalable North American options for small and large orders.

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Post-Production Finishing

Deliver market-ready products with all-inclusive post production services

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Warehousing & Shipping

Minimize inventory costs while optimizing space utilization.