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a MacroFab Podcast

Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering each week.

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Timing Tariff Modulations

We delve into the fascinating world of time modulation, discussing recent advancements in capacitor technology.

May 17, 2024

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Sonic massage

Sonic Massage

More compressor IoT work, calibrating the space echo, and Stephen "plays" his synth.

Dont get analyticized

Don’t Get Analyticized

Parker and Stephen talk about Stephen's Voltage Standard and in store Analytics.

Cooking gears macrofab

Cooking with Gears with MacroFab

Parker and Stephen go over the design entrees for Stephen's design challenge!

Self driving cars josh hartung polysync

Self Driving Cars With Josh Hartung From Polysync

Parker and Stephen have Josh from PolySync on the podcast to talk about self driving cars.

Stanford student space initiative sasha maldonado paige brown

Stanford Student Space Initiative Project Interview

Stephen and Parker talk with Sasha and Paige about high altitude balloons and the ValBal project.

Hebi robotics dave rollinson

HEBI Robotics with Dave Rollinson

Stephen and Parker talk with Dave Rollinson of HEBI Robotics.

Yo ho ho technological bottle rum

Yo Ho Ho and a Technological Bottle of Rum

Parker and Stephen talk about the RPI3 CM project and Stephen throws down a design challenge!

Internet of teddies

Internet of Teddies

Stephen and Parker talk about teddy bears, Raspberry Pi LVDS, and relays that last till the end of time.

Its a she right

It’s a She, Right?

Stephen and Parker talk with JOSH the mastermind behind the audio of the podcast.

Grass fed pcbs

Grass Fed PCBs

Stephen and Parker discuss PCB surface finishes, custom work benches, and bit errors from outer space.

Tungsten beams

Tungsten I-Beams

Patrick Renner and Kelly O'Brien discuss the boundary between Art and Engineering with MEP.

Mr williams your book changed my life

Mr. Williams, Your Book Changed My Life

Al Williams joins Parker and Stephen to discuss writing for Hackaday, Ham Radio, and obscure CPUs.

Gotta look pro

Gotta Look Pro

It is National Engineers Week and Stephen spills the beans on his Audio Amplifier Past.

Unnecessary engineering

Unnecessary Engineering

Stephen and Parker talk about thyristors, fancy pwm filters, and milkshakes.

Stay hydrated gaming

Stay Hydrated While Gaming

On this Episode, Stephen and Parker talk about Capacitor Part Markings and some tough semiconductors.

Aditya mijael kinetic device

Aditya and Mijael of Kinetic with “The Device”

On this Episode, Parker and Stephen have guests Aditya Bansal and Mijael Damian of Kinetic.

Anti fitbits

Anti Fitbits

On this Episode, Parker and Stephen talk about silkscreen markings on diodes and tracking beer drinking.

No flex allowed

No Flex Allowed

On this Episode, Stephen and Parker talk about binned LEDs and what to look out for with mounting holes on PCBs.

Fx development board landed

The FX Development Board has landed!

On this Episode, Stephen launches the FX Development Board and Parker finally settles on conference room names!

Blinding leds bypass capacitors another kind

Blinding LEDs and Bypass Capacitors of Another Kind

On this Episode, Parker gets blinded by LEDs and Stephen learns Eagle! Also bypass caps free of charge.

O h internet howitzers

I.O.H. Internet of Howitzers

On this Episode, Parker and Stephen discuss android powered artillery, flip-pins, and Amazon Alexa always listening...

Missing audio

Missing Audio

This episode suffered from a recording glitch so only half the audio exists. Sorry :(

First annual macrofab star wars christmas special

First Annual MacroFab Star Wars Christmas Special

On this episode, Josh joins Parker and Stephen as they dissect the technology behind the Star Wars Universe.

Zero sum resistor arrays

Zero Sum Resistor Arrays

On this episode, Stephen and Parker continue on the Jeep Bluetooth mod and ask about zero ohm resistors.

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