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Design principals defense avionics

Latest Whitepaper

Design Principles for Defense and Avionics

Practical tips to help you optimize PCBA assemblies for the unforgiving environments of defense and avionics.

April 11, 2024

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Reshore electronics manufacturing

Should You Reshore Your Electronics Manufacturing?

Inside, you'll find five helpful graphs that will give you a clear understanding of the current trends and advantages of reshoring.

Optimize pcba power transfer with parallel featured

How to Optimize PCBA Power Transfer with Parallel Impedance

PCBA designs get smaller, faster, and more complex every day. How prepared are you?

Electronics supply chain trends shaping 2023 featured

Electronics Supply Chain Trends That Will Shape 2023

A focused analysis of factors affecting electronics manufacturing.

Pcba cost complexity design altered styles for fit featured

PCBA Cost and Complexity Design Factors You Should Know

Late-shipped products can reduce your profits by 33%. Don't make these common PCBA design missteps.

Whats holding your electronics product launch back featured

What’s Holding Your Electronics Product Launch Back

Don't let your customers down with a late product launch. Stay on schedule with these strategies.

Engineers guide pcb manufacturing intellectual property featured

Engineer’s Guide to PCB Manufacturing and Intellectual Property

What you don't know can hurt you. Protect your PCB intellectual property with these tips.

Complete guide cloud manufacturing featured

The Complete Guide to Electronics Cloud Manufacturing

Find out how electronics cloud manufacturing can transform the way you do business.

Tips for pcba development featured

Design Faster, Improve Quality: Tips for PCBA Development

Your bottom line will suffer if you ship products late. You need a way to successfully accelerate product development during these challenging times.

Improve Electronics Procurement with Modern Strategic Sourcing Principles

Improve Electronics Procurement with Modern Strategic Sourcing Principles

OEM's can adapt to market trends, withstand disruption, maximize operational efficiency, and automate procurement processes.

Leading as a Product Owner

The Electronics Product Development Lifecycle

Product owners are critical to the success of the electronic product development lifecycle, providing strategic direction and focus for the organization.

The Electronics Product Design Lifecycle: How Delays Happen

The Electronics Product Design Lifecycle: How Delays Happen

Teams working through the PCBA engineering design cycle must iterate through various production stages, including prototyping, EVT, DVT, and PVT.

Enabling electronics iot hardware innovation featured

How PCB Cloud Manufacturing Can Drive IoT Hardware Innovation

This article discusses how PCB cloud manufacturing supports and enables IoT hardware development.

Guide pcba production featured

Checklist: Step-by-Step Guide to PCBA Production

We’ve put together an electronics production checklist to help you confidently scale through each production phase.

How to Avoid Electronics Manufacturing and Assembly Issues Using Integrated ECAD/MCAD

Avoiding EMS Assembly Issues Using ECAD/MCAD Integration

CAD tools improves the design process accomplishes mechanical modeling, thermal modeling, and stress simulations using a single tool CAD analysis.

Electronic Component Procurement Methods for Quality Outcomes

Electronic Component Sourcing Using Digital Tools and Modern Techniques

Quality components lead to quality goods, higher sales, and better customer experiences. Yet, there’s a problem...

Strategies for Quality Electronics Production

Strategies for Quality Electronics Production

When designing new electronics products, it’s crucial to think ahead to production. Designs should anticipate challenges and minimize future modifications.

Is your electronics supply chain risk blind or risk resilient

Is Your Electronics Supply Chain Risk Blind or Risk Resilient?

The semiconductor shortage has hindered production across industries, including the home appliance and telecommunications sectors.

Risk management tips featured

Risk Management Tips for PCB Design and Manufacturing

In the post-Covid supply chain, engineers must consider form, fit, and function and also whether there will be components available to build their product.

Cloud manufacturing featured

Electronics Cloud Manufacturing Services Deliver New PCB Possibilities

Electronic product development is a highly iterative process that involves going back and forth between the design and manufacturing stages.

Capabilities sales assisted

Sourcing, Fabrication, Assembly & Testing Capabilities

MacroFab capabilities include fine-pitch BGA, HDI, and QFN assembly. Download this document for an overview of our fabrication and assembly specifications.

Digital supply chains

Digital Supply Chains: Advantages for Electronics Manufacturing

With recent supply shortages, long lead times, and logistics challenges, manufacturers need a better long-term approach to supply chain continuity.