Improve Electronics Procurement with Modern Strategic Sourcing Principles

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Improve Electronics Procurement with Modern Strategic Sourcing Principles

OEM's can adapt to market trends, withstand disruption, maximize operational efficiency, and automate procurement processes.

Don’t Let a Complex Design Leave Your Production Stalled

PCBA-based production requires procurement professionals to source high-quality electronic components. Superior components lead to superior goods, higher sales, and better customer service.

But quality sourcing requires a roadmap that is resilient, flexible, and agile in order to build a workable demand plan. What’s the best way to get started?

Throughout this white paper, you will find information about:

  • How strategic sourcing differs from traditional procurement
  • Developing a sourcing strategy model
  • Identifying potential sourcing improvement areas
  • Insights into the benefits of outsourcing procurement
  • What COVID-19 has to do with today's supply chain issues

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What It Is

A primer on how to develop a better electronics sourcing strategy

Who It's For

Procurement teams, Supply Chain professionals

How To Use It

Improve your ability to build better strategy models, improve supplier negotiations, and achieve your goals more quickly

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