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What’s Holding Your Electronics Product Launch Back

Don't let your customers down with a late product launch. Stay on schedule with these strategies.

Within a short timeframe, COVID-19 significantly impacted electronics supply chains. But COVID-19 isn't solely responsible for electronics sourcing issues today. The pandemic compounded longstanding problems and outed systems that weren’t ready for such rapid change.

This white paper explores the biggest causes of production delays today. We'll discuss how leaders can prevent supply chain delays, mitigate risks, and reinforce revenue targets. Among the specific points covered in this paper are:

  • Why supply chain issues persist today
  • Why dual sourcing is good for reducing risk
  • Identifying critical product inventory opportunities
  • Five benefits of nearshoring and reshoring
  • Why reducing reliance on overseas suppliers is only the beginning

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What It Is

A perspective on key supply chain issues facing the electronics industry today

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Supply Chain Experts

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Identify and implement strategies to reinforce revenue targets in an increasingly challenging environment

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