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Should You Reshore Your Electronics Manufacturing? 5 Helpful Graphs

Uncover the Advantages of Reshoring Your Electronics Production

Should You Reshore Your Electronics Manufacturing?

Discover the benefits of reshoring your electronics manufacturing with our informative infographic. Inside, you'll find five helpful graphs that will give you a clear understanding of the current trends and advantages of reshoring.

  • Learn about the growing popularity of reshoring and why more companies are choosing to bring their manufacturing back to the US.
  • Compare labor rates in China and Mexico to see how they stack up against each other Examine shipping rate trends and how they may impact your bottom line.
  • Understand the impact of tariffs on your manufacturing costs and how reshoring can help mitigate them.
  • Discover other advantages of reshoring, such as improved supply chain efficiency and reduced production lead times.

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What It Is

A quick visual introduction to the advantages of reshoring electronics production.

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Supply Chain Experts

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Visualize current trends quickly

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