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MacroFab Food Device Design Derby Challenge

Win Up To $2,000!

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Got Tech Skills? Create a Food Gadget and Win!

Enter MacroFab’s Food Device Design Derby Challenge, sponsored by Mouser Electronics.

Macrofab mouser food challenge

MacroFab has teamed up with Mouser Electronics for something challenging and fun. It’s the MacroFab Food Device Design Derby–a contest that brings your best design skills together with the world of food.

What’s This Challenge About?

Create something that combines electronics and food. Anything goes here, whether it's a gadget to enhance your BBQ skills or an automated herb garden. Make sure you document your process, how you design it, power it, and program it (or not).

Share Your Story on Our Podcast

Have a cool project? We’d love to hear about it. Let us know what you're doing and you may be invited to join Stephen and Parker for a 10-15 minute segment on the MacroFab podcast.

We’ve Got Prizes!

  • First Place: grabs $2,000
  • Second Place: takes home $1,000
  • Third Place: wins $500
  • Circuit Break Podcast Favorite: A special $2,000 prize

In addition, MacroFab will be giving away themed trophies and free prototyping worth up to $1,200.

How To Start

  1. Build something that blends electronics with food.
  2. Document your journey on the Circuit-Break Discussion community site under the Contest Category.
  3. Upload your PCBA to our platform and fill out the Bill of Materials and Specifications.

Need-to-Knows of the Contest

  • When? Kicks off at 8 AM CST February 6th and wraps up at 8 AM CST March 31st.
  • The Rules? Your project should be well-documented and posted on Circuit-Break Discussion. Don’t forget to include all the details, like source code and schematics. Post them in the thread or a public repository such as GitHub. The documentation provided should make your project replicable.
  • Judging? The entries will be judged by MacroFab's appointed judges (TBD.) Judges will be announced via social media, so follow @MacroFab & @MouserElec for updates.
  • Who Can Enter? Pretty much everyone, with no age limit! Anyone affiliated with MacroFab, Mouser Electronics, the Judges, or those related to them are not allowed to participate in the contest, but they can still show off their awesome projects.

Judges' Criteria for Your Project

  • Innovation: How cool and unique is your project?
  • Documentation: Did you cover all the details clearly and completely?
  • Functionality: Does it work? Upload a video of your working entry.
  • Judges will score their top three picks.
    • 3 points for each judge's top project.
    • 2 points for each judge's second project.
    • 1 point for each judge's third project.
    • Each project is ranked based on how many points it receives.
  • Hosts Parker and Stephen will select the Circuit Break Podcast Favorite.

Stay in the Loop

Get Inspired

So, ready to roll up your sleeves and create something amazing? We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Good luck, and let's make something incredible!

Important! Be sure to post your project on Circuit Break Discussion in the Contest category so we can find it once the contest is over.