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This podcast intentionally left blank

This Podcast Intentionally Left Blank

Mandatory USB Type-C for everything? Parker and Stephen discuss the current EU ruling and preparing your PCBA design for contract manufacturing!

The pcb plague

The PCB Plague

Ever have PCBs that solder just will not wet and solder to? You probably thought it was improper soldering technique but that was probably not it!

Rogue gerbers jerry mcdaniel of customer care at macrofab

Rogue Gerbers – Jerry McDaniel of Customer Care at MacroFab

Jerry McDaniel of MacroFab joins Stephen and Parker this week to discuss the customer's adventure at MacroFab and what it takes to succeed at PCBA.

Supply chain crunches

Supply Chain Crunches

What are the pros and cons of becoming an electrical engineer? With great power comes great responsibility or just the lack of sleep!

Berry based physics with collin anderson

Berry Based Physics with Collin Anderson

This week we have Collin Anderson on the podcast to discuss quantum wave mechanics and how it relates to electricity flowing through conductors.

Mike kahn of elemental machines

Mike Kahn of Elemental Machines

Mike Kahn of Elemental Machines joins the podcast to discuss the integration of life sciences instrumentation and designing enterprise products.

The infinite finite grid

The Infinite Finite Grid

Stephen and Parker continue the discussion of the voltage measurement. Can you come up with a way to measure voltage without precision tools?

Metric knuckle

Metric Knuckle

Is there a way to macgyver measuring a voltage without a multimeter? Is macgyvering even a word? Parker and Stephen discuss this for well too long.

What would you say you do here

What Would You Say You Do Here?

Panelization of PCB Assemblies. Your Contract Manufacturer takes care of this but there are design choices that can radically alter your end costs.

Hyperspace part packages

Hyperspace Part Packages

Should we change the naming convention of component 'pin one' markings to component 'indicator marks'? Parker and Stephen discuss this week.

Measuring up your interview questions

Measuring up Your Interview Questions

Interview questions, love em or hate em it is all something we have to go through. How does your technique measure up to Stephen's and Parker's?

Mep 321 what engineers seek

What Engineer’s Seek

What is the comet grounding technique? Is it actually made up by someone on twitter? Maybe? Find out on this episode of the MacroFab Podcast.

Mep 220 drop ship shuffle

The Drop Ship Shuffle

The supply chain crunch is effecting more industries then the electronic industry and is exposing the drop ship shuffle of retailers and inventory.

MEP FI 319

Work to Automate the Work

On this episode, Parker discusses his current adventure in testing and qualifying ratcheting wrenches and Stephen finally learns the magic of python!

MEP FI 318

Strategic Component Sourcing with Cody Endlich

Cody Endlich joins Stephen and Parker to discuss electrical component distribution, counterfeit parts, risk mitigation, and MacroFab joining the ERAI.

When an alien craps

When an Alien Craps

The things that change the world, according to Chaos theory, are the tiny things. An Alien craps in Space and subsequently this podcast gets made.

MEP FI 316

Chunk 2 Chunk Current Returns

This week we have PCB ground layouts and what to thing about in regards to current returns, elevated inductors, and should XYRS have a Z component?


A Rant About How Magnets Work

Topics include StarWars, NASA, Magnets, Perpetual Energy, and Virtual Grounding.

Og mep 314

Plastic Deg-Ra-Dation with Scott Hansen of Retro-Brite

Our guest this week is Scott Hansen, Founder of Retro-Brite which restores yellowed plastics by reversing the chromophores degradation.

Og mep 313

Another Tool for Your Toolbox

Is it time for Stephen to finally get a 3D printer and join the maker revolution? Parker and Stephen discuss how engineers use 3D printers this week.

MEP FI 312

Armchair Military Strategists

How do we secure the global electronics supply chain while also preventing World War III? Stephen and Parker discuss TSMC and Taiwan this week.

Mep ep311

The Gamification of PCB Assembly

One faithful evening, Parker received a marketing email about gamifying the MacroFab platform and thought it might be a good podcast topic.

Mep ep310

2022 New Year Engineering Resolutions

With 2021 behind us it is time to look forward to 2022. Will Parker and Stephen cross off all there new year resolutions or will they be forgotten?

Og perpetual prototypes

Perpetual Prototypes

Did Stephen and Parker complete there holiday projects as mentioned in last weeks episode or will they slip further behind with feature creep?

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