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Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering each week.

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Prioritize to Learn to Prioritize - Engineering Career Paths

Special guests Chris Gammell and James Lewis, discuss various aspects of engineering career paths.

June 14, 2024

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O h internet howitzers

I.O.H. Internet of Howitzers

On this Episode, Parker and Stephen discuss android powered artillery, flip-pins, and Amazon Alexa always listening...

Missing audio

Missing Audio

This episode suffered from a recording glitch so only half the audio exists. Sorry :(

First annual macrofab star wars christmas special

First Annual MacroFab Star Wars Christmas Special

On this episode, Josh joins Parker and Stephen as they dissect the technology behind the Star Wars Universe.

Zero sum resistor arrays

Zero Sum Resistor Arrays

On this episode, Stephen and Parker continue on the Jeep Bluetooth mod and ask about zero ohm resistors.

Drive by dna destruction

Drive By DNA Destruction

On this episode, Parker and Stephen talk about nuclear batteries and FCC/CE pre-compliance experiences.

Jeep radio hacking side synth

Jeep Radio Hacking with a Side of Synth

On this episode, Parker and Stephen talk about Parker's Jeep radio and Stephen has an update to the Brewing Rig.

Two brothers macrofab

Two Brothers of MacroFab

On this episode, Parker and Stephen have guests Brandon and Justin Knight of MacroFab.

Houston maker faire 2016

Houston Maker Faire 2016

On this episode, Parker and Stephen talk about the Houston Maker Faire and the FX Dev Board.

Update macroduino fx dev board

Update on the MacroDuino and FX DEV Board

On this episode, Stephen gives an update on the FX Dev board and Parker talks about his MacroDuino project.

Maniacal moving

Maniacal Moving

On this episode, Stephen and Parker talk about MacroFab moving to a new location.

Trey german returns automatic game overs

Trey German Returns and Automatic Game Overs

On this episode, Trey German returns to talk about his paramotor flight monitoring hardware.

Banned arduinos tuning software ear

Banned Arduinos and Tuning Software By Ear

On this episode, Parker and Stephen talk about if the Arduino platform is right for students learning engineering.

Cloud net

Cloud Net

On this episode, Parker and Stephen talk about IoT Security Certifications and Arduinos...lots of Arduinos.

Surgical synthesizers

Surgical Synthesizers

On this episode, Parker and Stephen talk about EFM8 MCUs and Hotwheel Capacitors.

Ghost hunting with centex paranormal

Ghost Hunting with Centex Paranormal

On this episode, Michael Lyons of Centex Paranormal visits Parker and Stephen at MacroFab.

Macro hour mashup

The Macro Hour Mashup

Today's podcast is special as Stephen and Parker have a Co-Podcast with The Amp Hour's Chris Gammell.

Erroneous enclosures enormous energy

Erroneous Enclosures of Enormous Energy

Parker and Stephen talk about an Audio Amp for Spooky Pinball based off the LM1875.

Embedded brewing with arduinos

Embedded Brewing with Arduinos

Parker and Stephen talk about Stephen's Brewing Rig and designing the new PinHeck Pinball System.

You wont believe this one weird engineering trick

You won’t believe this ONE WEIRD Engineering trick

Parker and Stephen talk about the Analog board of the SSPS and clickbait engineering article titles.

Modular toilet humor

Modular Toilet Humor

Stephen and Parker talk about progress on the part libraries, modular cell phones, toilet humor, and college dev tools.

Dissolving energon cubes

Dissolving Energon Cubes

Stephen and Parker chat about updates to the SSPS and FX Dev board.

Bug can fix

If There is a Bug, You Can Fix It

Stephen and Parker have Kwabena of OpenMV as a guest on this week's podcast.

Super simple buss bars of power

Super Simple Buss Bars of Power

Parker and Stephen talk about the SSPS Energon Cube and Eagle Part Libraries.

Lousy datasheet buyouts

Lousy Datasheet Buyouts

Stephen and Parker rant (again) on bad datasheets, ARM being bought out by SoftBank, and general project updates.

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