Top 10 Electronics Podcasts You Should Listen To

By Parker Dillmann  |  May 23, 2024

For both electronics professionals and tech enthusiasts, podcasts have become a vital source for knowledge and information, providing expert insights and current trends with a dash of entertainment.

This curated list of top electronics podcasts is tailored for those trying to keep up with the rapidly evolving tech world. Among these diverse voices and perspectives, you’ll find both in-depth technical discussions and broader explorations of industry-related topics. Here’s our top ten list of the best electronics podcasts around.

No. 1: Circuit Break: A MacroFab Podcast

Of course, ours is the best. If you haven’t been a listener, you have over 400 episodes to catch up on.

Listeners should tune into the Circuit Break Podcast by MacroFab to gain insider perspectives on electronics manufacturing, design challenges, and the latest industry trends from co-hosts who are deeply embedded in the field. It’s a unique opportunity to hear directly from experts, as they dissect complex topics, share invaluable insights, and explore the future of electronics engineering in a way that’s both informative and

The podcast also has had many knowledgeable guest speakers, including hosts from our second and third-favorite podcasts.

No. 2: The Amp Hour Electronics Podcast

This is the classic electronics podcast.

The Amp Hour, co-hosted by my friend Chris Gammell, is an invaluable resource for engineers looking to deepen their understanding of electronics and the hardware engineering industry.

This podcast offers a blend of technical discussions, industry insights, and engaging interviews with leaders in engineering and technology, making it a perfect complement to my number one podcast pick.

No. 3: Embedded FM

Hosted by Elecia White and Christopher White, Embedded.FM is a capsule of inspiration and insight. Their discussions with a diverse range of guests, from well-known figures to unsung heroes in engineering and beyond, offer a unique perspective on how STEAM influences our world.

The topics are typically on the more software side of engineering versus the typical hardware-related things I listen to but I find that to be a break from hardware at times.

No. 4: Electronics Engineering Podcast by EE Times

Diving into the Electronics Engineering Podcast by EETimes is one of the ways I
used to keep ahead of the evolving electronics industry.

With its focus on compelling global stories, this podcast is a great source of
knowledge and inspiration for design engineers and tech industry professionals
aiming to stay informed on key trends and innovations. It includes powerful guests and commentary!

No. 5: Houston We Have a Podcast

Embark on an audio journey through the cosmos with Houston We Have a Podcast, the official podcast of the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

This podcast offers an unparalleled telling of the behind-the-scenes of human
spaceflight, featuring in-depth conversations with the astronauts, scientists, and engineers who are making the exploration of the Moon, Mars, and beyond a reality.

No. 6: Hackaday Podcast

The Hackaday Podcast is a curated selection of the week’s top hacks and is hosted by the Hackaday writing team.

The podcast is the perfect way for engineers and makers to stay updated on the latest innovations and projects on the internet, ensuring you never miss out on groundbreaking developments, even if you haven’t caught up on every post.

No. 7: Stuff You Should Know

Hosts Josh and Chuck unravel the mysteries of…practically everything in the Stuff You Should Know Podcast. It’s the ultimate podcast for curious-minded people like us engineers! It offers a deep dive into a wide array of topics that inform, entertain, and sometimes even surprise me.

Not exclusively an engineering podcast but everyone should give “Stuff You Should Know” a chance to fill up some of that random knowledge parts of our brain.

No. 8: 99% Invisible

Hosted by Roman Mars, 99% Invisible delves into the unseen and overlooked
aspects of architecture and design that shape our daily lives.

This narrative-driven podcast uncovers the extraordinary stories behind ordinary objects and spaces, revealing the meticulous thought processes that influence our environment in ways we rarely acknowledge. I like this podcast as it gives great insight into design engineering and influences my thought and design process when building new ideas.

No. 9: The Engines of Our Ingenuity

The Engines of Our Ingenuity, founded by John Lienhard and produced by Houston Public Media, is a testament to human creativity and its impact on our culture, delivered through engaging radio episodes and podcasts.

Since 1988, this program has offered insightful narratives on how inventions and
ideas shape our society. These are typically short-form episodes and can have
accompanying graphics and figures. There is a wealth of knowledge through the transcripts of all the episodes, making it a valuable resource for anyone interested in the history of innovations.

No. 10: Moore's Lobby

Crafted for engineers and technologists, the Moore’s Lobby Podcast hosted by Daniel Bogdanoff, aims to educate, empower, and entertain through discussions on the latest electrical engineering industry trends and technologies.

With a focus on the human stories behind the world’s most inspiring organizations and leaders, this podcast invites listeners to dive
deep into the innovation and ingenuity driving today’s electrical engineering marvels.

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