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Platform Update: New Order Experience

By The MacroFab Team  |  March 1, 2019

Howdy customer friends,

If you have placed an order with us within the last week, you may have noticed our revamped order interface. The development team has been overhauling the checkout process from the ground up to give you fewer steps to purchase; the ability to add separate billing and shipping addresses; and greater transparency into your order.

Place an order 768x372

Place an order 768x372

Streamlined Path to Purchase

Prior to this launch, placing an order required many steps before completion, and we set out to consolidate those for our customers. Now, after selecting either ‘Choose Prototype’ or ‘Choose Production’ from the PCB quote tab, you are directed to a single page without further step-throughs.

You Can Now Add Separate Billing and Shipping Addresses

There are now only two steps to complete: shipping and payment. We also improved management of addresses allowing you to store separate billing and shipping addresses if needed.

Greater Transparency Into Order Status

Order events 1

Order events 1

We are excited to provide our customers with an up-to-date view of order status through more advanced scheduling algorithms and systems for better traceability with our logistics and manufacturing teams. After your order has been placed, the order page will display current progress with a timeline of future steps as well and predicted dates.

Our team continuously collaborates to roll out improvements that will give you the best manufacturing experience possible. Our commitment to you is to deliver a better way to build electronics through a redefined experience, innovative technology, scale, and agility. Was this post helpful? Let us know in the comments below.

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