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Platform Update: MacroFab Expands Digital Manufacturing Platform

By The MacroFab Team  |  May 18, 2020

We are excited to announce expanded manufacturing services within our Digital Manufacturing Platform. This expansion will better accommodate the changing business needs for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with improved digital tools and a flexible set of service options for every stage of production.

At the core of this expansion is a continued emphasis on giving customers better ways to build electronics. High-quality PCB and product assembly, outstanding customer service, and a Digital Manufacturing Platform that provides the flexibility you need so you can be more agile and get to market faster. Below is a summary of our platform updates.

Increased Service Flexibility to Meet Your Business Needs

Quote and Order Page

Quote and Order Page

We’ve streamlined our self-service options to be more transparent and easier-to-understand. The new ordering screen now gives you the flexibility to choose the lead time and pricing options for orders of any size, from small prototype runs to thousands of production units:

  • Guaranteed 10-Day (or less) turnaround for up to 6 layer designs
  • Fastest possible delivery in 2-3 weeks for most designs
  • A balance between price and lead time in 3-5 weeks
  • Best possible price, regardless of lead time

All services are available with no minimum volumes to facilitate adapting to your evolving production or prototype needs. As always, working with our Sales team will allow you to add an extensive array of programming, testing, full product assembly, and fulfillment services as your business grows.

Expanded Quick Turn Service

With the introduction of a Guaranteed 10-Day service, we have removed most restrictions from our existing quick-turn service. We now offer a premium guaranteed rush delivery option for most designs under 50 units of up to 6 layer designs.

Better Access to Globally Competitive Real-Time Pricing and Lead Times

We have expanded our network of authorized supply chain partners to improve material sourcing and availability, mostly in the PCB sourcing sector. This expansion will continue to drive down overall lead times while creating a resilient supply chain. Should we encounter supply chain delays in the future, our expanded network will allow us to source alternatives even faster.

Smarter Factory Network

MacroFab has a network of electronics manufacturing factories across North America. Our Digital Manufacturing Platform connects these factories. MacroFab’s smart algorithms intelligently interpret your project’s requirements to source factories with the right capabilities to meet your needs. So you get the right match for your build every time, all at competitive prices. What’s more, you work with MacroFab the whole time, providing a single source of accountability.

Improved Quality Outcomes

All orders continue to be backed by the MacroFab Guarantee. MacroFab guarantees your manufacturing workmanship, and you only work with our in-house team of experts who ensure your requirements are met at every step of production.

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About MacroFab

MacroFab offers comprehensive manufacturing solutions, from your smallest prototyping orders to your largest production needs. Our factory network locations are strategically located across North America, ensuring that we have the flexibility to provide capacity when and where you need it most.

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