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PCB Assembly Reengineered for Today’s Developers

By The MacroFab Team  |  May 24, 2016

We’re lucky enough that we get to chat with hardware designers and developers almost every day. One thing that almost all of them have in common is that they want to focus on their designs, businesses, and customers, not on the mechanics of PCB part sourcing and assembly.

If you are in that camp, you are in luck. You can finally find a PCB assembly service that has been built from the ground up to meet your specific needs. In terms of on-demand PCB manufacturing, it is a brand new day.

No More Round Pegs for Square Holes

The traditional approach to manufacturing, which takes place largely overseas, involves a bunch of back and forth email communications, takes forever, and costs a fortune, is about as modern as the VCR. Why use an antiquated business model to get the PCBs you need for your state-of-the art product ideas? For a long time, there weren’t many options, but that’s no longer the case.

Sensing the need to support the engineers and designers who will bring us the Internet of Things, a new breed of PCB assembly service has been born. Cloud-based software platforms are used to make ordering painless and give you visibility into your project every step of the way.

PCB Prototyping like a Boss

Prototyping has long been a challenge due to ridiculously high minimum order requirements and steep costs. But prototyping and iteration are essential steps in device development. That’s why the most innovative PCB assembly services, focus on taking the friction out of prototyping and iteration. We use sophisticated software to combine the small orders of all of our customers into one large run. That keeps costs down and speeds up the production of your prototype.

Seamless Sourcing and PCB Assembly

Another advantage of choosing a state-of-the-art PCB assembly partner is that they, not you, will take care of sourcing all of the parts needed for your boards. They deal with the suppliers and maintain the inventory, so you don’t have to. As an extra bonus, some services (ours included) offer House Parts. Parts that are popular across the client base are purchased in large quantities and kept on hand, making them less expensive for you and always available.

You probably don’t watch a lot of movies on VHS, so why deal with a PCB manufacturing process that hasn’t changed since the 80’s? Don’t settle for anything less than a PCB assembly service engineered for the developers of today and the future.

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