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MacroFab Now Offers 10-Day Turnaround

By The MacroFab Team  |  October 17, 2017

We are excited to launch a 10-day turnaround service. This service will benefit teams that quickly iterate on designs to finalize their products. For orders that meet the 10-day requirements, the shorter lead-time will be displayed on the quoting screen of MacroFab’s platform, as shown below.

PCB Quote 10 Day Prototype arrow 700x467

PCB Quote 10 Day Prototype arrow 700x467

Here’s a list of what types of orders can be produced using our 10-day turn time:

Have no more than 50 units
Have fewer than 2,000 surface-mount placements (SMT)
Have fewer than 20 unique SMT line items
No through-hole placements
Applies to our standard manufacturing services
No consignment parts
Getting started with MacroFab
Ordering PCBs and PCB assembly through MacroFab is easy because our online platform allows you to manage your order from start to finish. Start bycreating a free account,upload your files, check your BOM, and view instant pricing, all from your browser.

Take advantage of turnkey PCB assembly through our 10-day service. Finalize your design and we’ll take care of the sourcing, purchasing, and assembly. Place your order and get your product in days.

Redefining electronics manufacturing
MacroFab is redefining the electronics manufacturing experience from a manual, time-intensive, and error-prone process performed by large teams of people, into a real-time, streamlined, and connected software-driven experience. With our globally competitive prices available instantly, and an interface that provides more information in a clearer format, it’s now easier than ever for you to take control of your projects.

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Updated Electronics Part-Sourcing

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About MacroFab

MacroFab offers comprehensive manufacturing solutions, from your smallest prototyping orders to your largest production needs. Our factory network locations are strategically located across North America, ensuring that we have the flexibility to provide capacity when and where you need it most.

Experience the future of EMS manufacturing with our state-of-the-art technology platform and cutting-edge digital supply chain solutions. At MacroFab, we ensure that your electronics are produced faster, more efficiently, and with fewer logistic problems than ever before.

Take advantage of AI-enabled sourcing opportunities and employ expert teams who are connected through a user-friendly technology platform. Discover how streamlined electronics manufacturing can benefit your business by contacting us today.