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Announcing Updates to the MacroFab PCB and Placement Interfaces

By The MacroFab Team  |  October 17, 2017

We’ve made the manufacturing approval process more seamless with updates to our PCB and Placement screens. In the PCB screen interface, you can now view the PCB rendering, specs and layers on one screen, and the Placement screen allows you to nudge parts and annotate them for easier communication and reduced delays in manufacturing.

PCB Screen

The PCB screen now has a cleaner interface and gives you the ability to quickly view individual layers, or you can pin multiple layers so they are always visible for review. We’ve added a notifications feature, which will appear if a file is missing.

Review designs quickly and easily.

Review designs quickly and easily.

The workspace PCB screen shows a complete rendering of your file, where the specs and gerber files are on right sidebar, giving you a clear and complete view of your circuit board and files. On this screen, you can now tie multiple files to layers, and can move layers around or reassign them as needed. Here’s a quick recap of updates to the PCB screen:

  • Live silkscreen and soldermask color display
  • View individual layers by simply hovering over the thumbnail
  • Pin multiple layers so they are always visible
  • Include multiple files per PCB layer
  • Move layers around or reassign them as needed by dragging-and-dropping
  • Quickly flip your PCB over to view each side

These updates are designed to give you greater control and communication, earlier on in the manufacturing process. Viewing your files, specs, and layers on one screen will simplify the verification process of your board.

Placement Screen

View top and bottom sides of your board and approve part placement with greater ease than ever before. The updated Placement screen has been simplified with all navigation on the right sidebar.

Part Placement 1

Part Placement 1

If you notice that parts aren’t aligned properly, you can use theparts nudge feature to adjust as needed, without having to upload new files. This feature allows you to nudge all parts on one side, by a distance you determine. You can nowadd annotations to specific parts, giving you the ability to communicate changes to MacroFab on a per-component level.

Redefining electronics manufacturing

MacroFab is redefining the electronics manufacturing experience from a manual, time-intensive, and error-prone process performed by large teams of people, into a real-time, streamlined, and connected software-driven experience. With our globally competitive prices available instantly, and an interface that provides more information in a clearer format, it’s now easier than ever for you to take control of your projects.

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