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Why Choose MacroFab

EVP of Operations, Luis Correa, describes our customer-centric approach and advanced solutions that make us the top choice for electronics manufacturers.

October 26, 2023

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Reshoring Growing American Electronics Manufacturing

Will Reshoring Grow American Electronics Manufacturing?

When it comes to reshoring electronics production, how should companies view the opportunities and challenges?

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CHIPS Act: When Will It Have An Impact On American Manufacturing?

How long will it take for the $52 billion in Division A of the CHIPS Act to make a difference in manufacturing?

CHIPS Act Affects Manufacturing

How Does the CHIPS Act Affect Manufacturing?

Can the CHIPS Act provide America with a secure supply of necessary components that will balance the market?

CHIPS Act Motivation

What’s the Motivation for the CHIPS Act?

Misha Govshteyn, CEO of MacroFab, discusses the CHIPS Act and what it will and won't do to address the resiliency issues American electronics companies.