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Barcode turns 50

The Barcode Turns 50

Paul V. McEnroe is best known for his primary role in developing the UPC, the barcode used on every product in supermarkets and the retail industry.

Countdown to hype

Countdown to Hype

Consider your product in an environment that will actively destroy the semiconductors. We'll dip our toes into Radiation exposure for electronics!

Product of many imaginations

Product of Many Imaginations

MacroFab's Misha Govshteyn and Chris Church check in with Parker and Stephen to give his take on supply chains, nearshoring and reshoring.

Your toaster is toast

Your Toaster is Toast

Part shortages and obsolescence got you down? Parker and Stephen have some tips and tricks to help your design stay ahead of the End Of Life game!

Double as good

Double as Good!

Nichicon is obsoleting entire electrolytic capacitor lines. Is this a sign of how electronic component manufacturers will handle supply crunches?

Codys corner q2 2022

Cody's Corner - Q2 2022

Cody Endlich is back on the podcast to discuss the electronic component supply chain squeeze and what the future magic 8-ball says about the industry.

Supply chain crunches

Supply Chain Crunches

What are the pros and cons of becoming an electrical engineer? With great power comes great responsibility or just the lack of sleep!

Mep 220 drop ship shuffle

The Drop Ship Shuffle

The supply chain crunch is effecting more industries then the electronic industry and is exposing the drop ship shuffle of retailers and inventory.

MEP FI 312

Armchair Military Strategists

How do we secure the global electronics supply chain while also preventing World War III? Stephen and Parker discuss TSMC and Taiwan this week.

Biased for arduino

Biased For Arduino

On this episode, Stephen talks about his new bias test system hardware and software. The bias test system is a purpose built test hardware system!

Radio frequency eyeballs

Radio Frequency Eyeballs

A light at the end of the Supply Chain tunnel? IC manufacturers are spinning up new fabs in the United States but are they going to solve the crisis?

Nufuel and gas classic

NuFuel and Gas Classic

Parker and Stephen discover new EDA tool features in both Eagle and Diptrace! The Auto industry is now waking up to a new tech order of the world.

Hoarders edition

Hoarders Edition

This week on the MacroFab Hoarders Podcast, Chris Carter returns to discuss Supply Chain Safety for different levels of project scopes.

Critical path components

Critical Path Components

Designing a new product but worried about all these component shortages and increasing lead times? This week, Parker discusses designing around this.

A couple months ago

A Couple Months Ago…

Meta data for electronic components? Stephen talks about categorizing components to make it easier to get to that part that you really need.

Chainsaws wasps doom and gloom

Chainsaws, Wasps, Doom, and Gloom

COVID-19 Conspiracies! How will the governments liquid electronic vaccine protect you from the virus. Also, LNY supply chain disruptions and tariffs.

Keeping the spirit costs extra

Keeping The Spirit Costs Extra

Revitalizing older products for next gen manufacturing can be tough. Does updating the design alter the spirit of the original? Oh and Tariffs.

The end of electronics manufacturing

The End of Electronics Manufacturing?!

Chris Church returns to the podcast to discuss the recent outbreak of COVID-19 or Coronavirus in China and how it is impacting Electronics MFGing.

Supply chain conspiracy securities

Supply Chain Conspiracy Securities

Misha Govshteyn and Chris Church join Parker and Stephen to discuss supply chain hardware and software security.

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