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Electronics Manufacturing in China and Mexico: A Comparative Analysis

Manufacturing location is a serious decision with long term production ramifications.

Is Mexico An Option For Your Electronics Manufacturing?

It is a serious decision to decide where to manufacture, with long-term impacts on production. Before choosing a location, EEs and tech startups must weigh all factors.

A changing world means a changing manufacturing sector. Companies that have long been rooted in Asia are now reconsidering where they manufacture prototypes and full runs. Which factors should you take into account when choosing a manufacturing location? In this paper, we will discuss:

  • Understanding and identifying your unique engineering and purchasing requirements
  • A comparison of Mexican and Chinese manufacturing costs and benefits
  • Advantages of manufacturing in the U.S.
  • Factors that hinder a manufacturing change
  • Regional North American manufacturing's surprising financial benefits

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What It Is

A quick look at the benefits and risks of manufacturing in North America versus Asia.

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Engineers and decision-makers

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Determine the best location to manufacture your products so that your end users receive the best service possible.

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