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Companies bring electronics production home from asia

Companies Bring Electronics Production Home From Asia

Lately, numerous companies have begun reassessing their global value chains and moving electronics production closer to home.

Manufacture pcbas us mexico or china

Should You Manufacture PCBAs in the US, Mexico, or China

Transportation expenses, geopolitical factors, and the narrowing labor cost have caused companies to consider moving operations to North America.

Should your business follow apple out of china

Should Your Business Follow Apple Out of China?

Apple’s pivot from its manufacturing in China spread this weekend. The Supply Chain Heat Map shows U.S. manufacturing orders from China are down 40%.

Electronics supply chain problems affecting manufacturing featured

Electronics Supply Chain Problems Affecting Manufacturing

93 percent of business leaders surveyed by McKinsey have plans to make their supply chains more flexible, agile, and resilient.

Og supply chain transportation

The Advantages of a China Plus One Supply Chain Strategy

Relying only on Chinese manufacturers may not be the best electronics supply chain strategy today. A China plus one strategy can help.

Og nearshoring trend will mexico win over china

The Nearshoring Trend: Will Mexico Win Over China?

In the last several years automotive giants like GM, Volkswagen, and Nissan have all shifted some manufacturing work South of the border.

Og lunar new year

Minimizing Production Disruption During the 2022 Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year will begin on February 1st, 2022, catalyzing the most significant annual mass migration of people on the planet.

Louis reed w ST Ca Qpi Ltc unsplash scaled

Is China Still the Best Answer for Electronics Manufacturing?

New N. American manufacturing solutions are helping resolve issues and mitigate supply chain risks. Do you still need Chinese electronics manufacturing?

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