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Designing for Problem-Free Manufacturing

A Design for Manufacturing (DFM) plan helps guide every new product development step to achieve excellent end results.

Accelerating the Launch of Your Product Begins With Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

It’s important to prepare for successful product integrations. For your design to have a smooth manufacturing journey, you need to plan ahead. Creating a Design for Manufacturing plan (DFM) helps guide every step of the product development process.

DFM plans reduce risk and bring you and your CM together early in production. Taking time to resolve issues during the design process will result in fewer problems later, shorter or no manufacturing delays, and better supply chain management. Among the topics covered in this white paper are:

  • How a DFM can improve productivity by encouraging better communication
  • Keeping tolerance stack-ups in mind to avoid unexpected line-down conditions
  • Analyzing current supply chain insights to identify alternative components
  • The basics of forecasting production demand while prototyping
  • What it means to have a CM who can take your prototype to production

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A primer on how DFM can streamline manufacturing

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Prepare a successful DFM plan to launch your new product confidently.

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