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With MacroFab Factory Network, a Small Business Succeeds


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Established in 1999, Votronics Premier, a subsidiary of Premier LogiTech, has been a trusted provider of printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) and electromechanical assembly services for various industries across the nation. This ambitious small company is guided by the principles of boldness, integrity, and forward-thinking, consistently delivering top-quality products and services to its clientele. Votronics Premier has been a proud member of the MacroFab factory network for a significant period of time.


Before joining the MacroFab factory network, the Votronics factory had already earned a stellar reputation for producing premium single- and double-sided PCB assemblies for diverse industries. The company offered a comprehensive range of services, including surface-mount technology (SMT), through-hole, and mixed-technology PCBAs with up to 36 layers, as well as sub-assemblies, final assembly, cable assembly, and harness assembly services, with turnkey and consignment options available. Leveraging its extensive experience, Votronics consistently delivered high-quality products on schedule and demonstrated a profound understanding of the electronics manufacturing sector.


As with many small businesses in the United States, Votronics frequently grappled with financial limitations due to the substantial capital expenditures required to maintain seamless operations. The procurement of customer materials for assembly necessitated considerable upfront investment, tying up precious capital resources for extended periods before payment could be ultimately secured. Balancing cash flow management with inventory maintenance proved challenging as the company sought growth and stability in a fiercely competitive market.


Upon encountering the MacroFab factory network, Votronics was immediately impressed by the all-encompassing, centralized business model provided by the MacroFab platform. The platform's sophisticated algorithm adeptly matched Votronics' capabilities and available capacity with the most fitting jobs within the MacroFab interface, ensuring that end customers received tailored services that catered precisely to their unique needs.

As Votronics undertook its initial projects, the company became increasingly appreciative of the exceptional execution and unwavering support of the internal MacroFab teams. This collaborative approach fostered a highly productive and efficient working relationship, allowing Votronics to confidently and smoothly navigate through these early engagements.

"If I had to recommend MacroFab’s products and services to other potential partners on a scale of one to ten, I would give them a 12. MacroFab's technology offers an all-around win for partners and customers alike."

Clint Cooley, Customer Relationship Specialist

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By partnering with the MacroFab support team as a member of the MacroFab factory network, Votronics has unlocked unparalleled growth opportunities, empowering the company to scale its operations in ways previously unimaginable. The MacroFab partnership helps to alleviate capital constraints by supplying additional, well-suited jobs that maximize their earnings.

Further, MacroFab supplies all required components, tooling, and instructions for each project, significantly diminishing Votronics' capital expenditure obligations. As a result, the company can redirect resources to other vital areas, such as procuring state-of-the-art equipment or expanding its workforce with additional skilled personnel.

In addition, the MacroFab partnership has flawlessly integrated into Votronics' daily operations, serving as a priceless extension of their business. This alliance offers comprehensive engineering support and outstanding project management assistance that goes above and beyond traditional expectations, with a focus on surpassing end customers' expectations.

"The project managers at MacroFab are truly wonderful people who are knowledgeable and eager to help, and their goal is the same as ours: delivering the best product possible to end-users."

Clint Cooley, Customer Relationship Specialist


As Votronics envisions its future, the company eagerly anticipates leveraging the expertise of MacroFab's internal teams, spanning engineering support, collaborative project management, and meticulous documentation guidance. This invaluable partnership will enable Votronics to consistently deliver exceptional products tailored to end-users needs. With enthusiasm and optimism, Votronics looks forward to remaining an essential part of the thriving MacroFab factory network ecosystem, contributing to a winning model that nurtures mutual success and innovation.