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Red Hot PCB: Burning Man LED’s

By The MacroFab Team  |  May 26, 2017

This weeks Red Hot PCB operates a small LED controller that was built for Burning Man 2016! Tired from hand soldering Arduinos, these boards were designed byEran Rundstein, who wanted to build a more simple, and durable solution.These burning PCBs provide power to a luminous LED controller that features an ATMEGA32U micro chip with connectors for up to 2 clockless LED strips. Enclosed in a FB 45 Series ABS Plastic Key Fob, these boards are powered via USB and contain 4 buttons that control the power, brightness, and different modes that produce several flashing patterns.

Eran LE Ds crop 1024x807

Eran LE Ds crop 1024x807

This batch of controllers can be used to power bike lights or feather boas, like the one here!

Thanks to Eran for his contributions on this post.

LED feather boa

LED feather boa

About Red Hot PCBs:

This blog segment features boards that come out of MacroFab’s assembly line and we love to highlight some of the cool designs that our customers send our way for production.

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