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Top 10 Electronics Podcasts You Should Listen To

This curated list of top electronics podcasts is tailored for those trying to keep up with the rapidly evolving tech world.

May 23, 2024

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How to Design and Build a Pogo Pin Programming Fixture

Develop and build a programming fixture or jig. This is a great way to simplify testing. Our short blog offers up lots of examples.

MacroFab, Inc.

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Integrated Fulfillment

For most Kickstarter creators and small businesses, the best option is a cloud manufacturing company that also offers integrated fulfillment.

Super simple power supply ssps design part 2

Super Simple Power Supply “SSPS” Design (Part 2)

In the last SSPS design blog post we discussed using the OPA541 high powered opamp in the output section of the SSPS.

MacroFab, Inc.

PCB Prototyping – The Hard Way and the Easy Way

Cloud-based manufacturing is revolutionizing PCB prototyping, making ordering your boards almost as easy as ordering a pizza.

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MacroFab Supports Your Favorite EDA Tools like Altium, PADS, etc

When it comes to the EDA world, there are as many ways to get manufacturing data out as there are tools. To make matters more difficult, many tools do

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Different Programming Methods for PCBAs

We cover the different ways of programming PCB assemblies during production. Learn the pros and cons of each method in this short blog.

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New Bill of Materials Features – March 2016

Today, we rolled out a few new features and enhancements that you've asked us for over the past few months. With each major software update we try to

Super simple power supply ssps design part 1

Super Simple Power Supply “SSPS” Design (Part 1)

After adding feature after feature that we would like to see in a power supply, the initial design ended up being anything from simple.

MacroFab, Inc.

How Manufacturing APIs Enable Frictionless Fulfillment

If you want to take the friction out of getting your products to customers, look for an integrated fulfillment partner that uses manufacturing APIs.

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Now With Multi-Layer and PCB Customization!

We're pleased to announce our next big feature release: support for multi-layer boards and customized PCB options. With this software update, you now

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Fiducials are Fun!

Fiducials, also known as fids or fiducial marks, let pick and place machines know the orientation of your circuit board. Read why this is important now.

Plated slots stop fitting square pegs in round holes

Plated Slots: Stop Fitting Square Pegs in Round Holes

Plated slots are non-circular in shape and can accept pins with less open space to solder. Find out when you should use them over plated through-holes.

Smashing text in eagles symbol editor

Smashing Text in Eagle’s Symbol Editor

By default Eagle does not allow you to change the font on symbols for parts. Here's a quick ULP script that copies the pin names on the symbol.


Introducing Version 2 of the MacroFab Cloud API

In November, we released our integrated inventory and fulfillment features, bringing the promise of easy, single-vendor, delivery from prototype to cu

Whats on the board

What’s on the Board?


The drc is your friend

The DRC is Your Friend

Using a DRC (design rule check) will automatically review design decisions and flag issues. This can save time and headaches.

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Partnering With Techstars

When we started MacroFab in 2013, we knew that electronics manufacturing was a challenge for many new hardware start-ups: Parker and I were coming fro

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Handling Silkscreen Over Component Pads

Silkscreen over component pads can lead to solder flow issues and result in a bad joint. Find out how to avoid this issue

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Integrate Manufacturing, Inventory, and Fulfillment

Getting your product manufactured is the first step in creating happy customers, but what to do now that you've got hundreds, or even thousands of pro

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Optimizing Component Selection in PCBA Manufacturing

Making the correct component decisions for your PCBA product can be challenging.


Welcome Crowd Supply

Creating, running, and fulfilling a successful crowdfunding campaign has proven to be a challenge for both novice entrepreneurs and established compan

New house parts 042015

New House Parts up Component Availability 04/2015

MacroFab announces our new house parts list. These parts can reduce your design cost and ensure component availability for manufacture.


Real-Time Manufacturing Updates in Your Inbox

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what was happening with your order the second it happened?

FT230 X Bus Control Schematic

Controlling USB Bus Voltage with the FT230X

The FT230X supports controlling a P-Channel mosfet for high side power control.

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