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Leveraging the MacroFab Platform for Hybrid Materials Management in Electronics Manufacturing

By Chris Church  |  June 20, 2023

In the world of electronics manufacturing, the importance of managing materials and inventory effectively cannot be overstated. As OEMs seek to streamline operations, reduce costs, and manage risks in contract manufacturing, they often find themselves grappling with the complexities of hybrid materials management. Hybrid materials management is a mix of materials provided by contract manufacturers in a turnkey manner and OEM-owned, supplied in one of two ways - on-demand or in bulk.

Key Takeaways

• Importance of Hybrid Materials Management: Electronics manufacturing involves managing hybrid materials, which can be complex but essential for cost control and risk management.
• Challenges within Traditional Practices: Turnkey materials limit control over quality, cost, and availability, while customer-owned materials require time-intensive management and sophisticated strategies, especially when provided in bulk.
• How MacroFab’s Platform Can Help: MacroFab’s platform replaces the need for multiple manufacturing locations by providing comprehensive tools for managing hybrid materials across all stages of the product life cycle.
• Centralized and Real-Time Visibility: The platform centralizes warehousing across 100+ factories and 250 manufacturing lines, providing real-time visibility into customer-owned materials and enabling strategic deployment between owned inventory and turnkey items.

The Necessity of Hybrid Materials Management

Necessity hybrid materials mgmt

In a turnkey approach, contract manufacturers take charge of sourcing and supplying materials. Although this may seem convenient, it often relinquishes control over material quality, cost, and availability.

Conversely, customer-owned materials present an opportunity for greater control and cost-saving but bring their own challenges. With on-demand provisioning, OEMs supply just enough materials for a specific product run. While this limits excess inventory, it can be time-consuming and lacks economies of scale. Bulk provisioning, where OEMs provide large amounts of materials for multiple runs or products, can harness economies of scale but necessitates more sophisticated management strategies.

Manage common materials

Managing common materials across multiple products adds another layer of complexity. These materials must be accurately tracked and allocated to ensure sufficient supply for all products without unnecessary stockpiling.

The challenges multiply when managing materials across various contract manufacturers. Materials must be correctly split and shipped to different locations, a process that’s prone to error and inefficiency. Moreover, cost savings are often lost for turnkey materials when different contract manufacturers each procure a portion of the total demand, missing out on the benefits of bulk purchasing. The risk of product delays is significant when materials need to be transferred between manufacturers as demand shifts and earlier material movements no longer match current needs.

MacroFab: A Revolutionary Solution

Revolutionary solution

MacroFab’s modern electronics manufacturing platform replaces the multiple contract manufacturers necessary to deliver your entire product catalog, across the entire product lifecycle: from prototype to production. As OEMs, both large and small, each have unique materials management challenges, only the MacroFab platform provides the tools necessary to tackle hybrid materials management at any scale.


MacroFab provides real-time visibility into customer-owned materials and enables turnkey deployment with the push of a button from owned inventory to turnkey.

Checkpoint real visibility

With access to over 100 factories and 250 manufacturing lines, and centralized warehousing in the US and Mexico, the MacroFab platform goes beyond production by providing real-time visibility into customer-owned materials and enables strategic deployment and adjusting from owned inventory to turnkey with the push of a button.

Its real strength lies in visibility, planning, and materials management. By centralizing materials, MacroFab can track and manage inventory more accurately across multiple factories and deploy on an as-needed basis with no additional effort by customers, reducing the risk of shortages or excesses. This centralized approach also brings significant cost savings by enabling bulk purchasing and eliminating the need for OEMs to manage shipping materials to different contract manufacturers.

The platform’s robust planning capabilities allow OEMs to manage common materials across multiple products with ease. By providing a single source of truth, MacroFab ensures that materials are allocated effectively and efficiently, minimizing waste and optimizing production.

Pcb board assembly line

For OEMs currently managing materials across multiple providers, MacroFab offers an elegant solution. Our platform automates the process of dividing and shipping materials on demand based on production needs, reducing the risk of errors and inefficiencies. Furthermore, it allows for unified purchasing, negating the need for each contract manufacturer to procure materials individually and thus preserving the advantages of bulk buying for OEMs.

Dynamic sourcing profiles for the same products enables flexibility where OEMs need it most, short runs and test variants can use turnkey sourcing, while large-scale production runs can consume from owned inventory, or vice-versa, as best fits your cost and inventory overhead model.

Embrace the Future of Hybrid Materials Management

Embrace future hybrid materials mgmt

In conclusion, navigating the labyrinth of hybrid materials management doesn’t have to be daunting. With MacroFab’s manufacturing platform, OEMs can centralize, manage, and deploy materials more efficiently, saving costs and reducing risks. As the electronics manufacturing landscape continues to evolve, embracing such innovative solutions is not just a choice; it is a necessity for staying competitive. With MacroFab, you are ready for the future of materials management, and have the tools to respond to the next supply chain crisis.

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