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MacroFab Names Misha Govshteyn as CEO

By The MacroFab Team  |  January 10, 2019

HOUSTON, Nov. 12, 2018–MacroFab, a Houston-based electronics manufacturer is excited to announce that board member, Misha Govshteyn has moved into a new role as Chief Executive Officer where he will continue to focus on disrupting the $480B electronics manufacturing industry.

For the past three decades, nearly all investment in electronics manufacturing has gone into machinery and design tools, while little investment has been made to improve the interface between the customer and the factory floor. The traditional customer interface consists of decades-old processes that include emailing for quotes, working with overseas manufacturers that could lead to communication breakdowns and the risk of losing intellectual property to the black market.

MacroFab’s team of software developers have built an online platform that enables their hardware customers to get instant quotes, which effectively eliminates thousands of hours of back-and-forth communication with sales reps. MacroFab offers a mutual NDA to keep IP safe, and their responsive customer success team boasts an outstanding average NPS score of 57.

“MacroFab has built a software platform for hardware teams to get their product to market faster and with greater control than ever before, and I’m excited about the opportunity to grow our market, both with our customer-base and our network of factories,” Govshteyn said.

Hardware companies with high volume manufacturing needs can access MacroFab’s network of connected factories to scale their products faster and with greater control. This network means that customers won’t have to wait in a manufacturing queue to get their products built, and it occupies factories’ (both international and domestic) unused capacity, keeping business flowing.

“Our platform is creating the first marketplace for electronics manufacturing, Govshteyn said. This will simultaneously open up capacity for our hardware customers while creating more demand for idle factories.”

MacroFab is the only startup focused on full product delivery at scale. Currently, there is a gap for middle market manufacturers in this industry and Govshteyn believes it’s primed for disruption.

“What we’re seeing is a lot of large manufacturers that make prototyping and mid-volume production expensive for many small businesses and startups,” Govshteyn said. “MacroFab is making it affordable and more accessible for these businesses to get started and quickly scale their business. They can prototype with us, and manufacture units in the hundreds of thousands through one platform, all at globally competitive prices,” he continued.

MacroFab was founded in 2013 by Chris Church, former CEO, who is now the Chief Product Officer. Since 2013, MacroFab has raised $5.7M in funding from various VCs and is currently pursuing another round of funding. MacroFab’s key platform capabilities include greater command and control from a customer standpoint; orchestration of logistics; virtualization of capacity and manufacturing standardization. For more information, visit MacroFab.com.

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Updated Electronics Part-Sourcing

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