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Somewear Labs

"We started working with MacroFab very early on during the prototyping phase and that helped us out a lot to be able to move quickly to build prototypes, validate our designs, and then really jump into production planning and the higher volume manufacturing operation."

Somewear Labs

Easy access and quick response times to PMs over Slack - Improved turnaround on quotes - Flexibility and willingness to work with us to achieve our goals. Quick response times and consistent meetings to provide updates - they give honest and transparent answers when they don’t know something, rather than guessing or evading the question

Somewear Labs

I liked support with supply chain and procurement. Constant communication and bi-weekly standups, and Slack messaging. Compared to past CM, MacroFab was more agile, with faster response times.

Kinetic Vision

"There is a view that it’s a partnership and we’re working together to achieve our goals. It extends down the line, the group of people working the assembly line are really friendly and eager to give you advice, and that’s been really helpful."

Kinetic Vision

"The biggest benefit of working with MacroFab is growing the business through your services. We were able to start small and quickly figure out issues. Now we are ordering 10x what we were two years ago."


"Now that MacroFab has shepherded in a lot of companies from prototyping through commercialization, they can offer great advice on maximizing your product's potential."


"I was amazed with how easy and affordable everything was. It saved a ton of time and all the parts are working as expected."

Seymour Duncan

“We quickly realized how forward-thinking MacroFab is and immediately noticed the high quality of their manufacturing.”

Una Touch, Inc

Macrofab has the best customer service I have ever experienced anywhere, bar none.

Broms Technologies

I've worked with expensive shops before and can say this is the future of PCB and hardware manufacturing.


Amazing service. Complete turnkey PCB manufacturing at an affordable price.


The web interface and great staff to work with if any issues arise.

Baker Hughes

Great customer care and seamless order process.

University of Florida

The online quoting/ordering system is great!

Task Force Tips

Very easy to quote and order boards

Task Force Tips

The quoting process is the best I've seen so far.

Copperstone Tech

The support from Eric was amazing!

Preddio Technologies

Very impressed so far. Excellent communications. First set of boards work as expected.

Cooktop Safety, Inc.

Good feedback. Excellent customer service. Clear pricing and lead times.

Cooktop Safety, Inc.

Really like the real-time pricing. I was very satisfied with the quality and communication I received.


Great service and a smooth frictionless process

Desolation Sound

Excellent quality and easy to place out orders

University of Alberta

The checks on the design and BOM are reassuring.


same process for prototypes as production; and... 100% yield on my last 4 orders!!


Online quoting and fantastic board quality (high yield)

The energy conservatory

Great communication and transparent quotes , program managers were always available for quick response and quick to update on order status

Volpi Group

Very communicative and collaborative, detail-oriented, and well-organized. I really liked that MacroFab kept us in the loop, followed up on emails and open issues, and scheduled weekly meetings to ensure all is on track. I liked every part of the communication experience. Compared to other manufacturers, I've had a better experience with MacroFab, they had shorter time feedback loop, more responsive, very flexible to changing needs, great communication.

Tech Friends

I liked the online quoting and ordering system along with regular updates to the project. MacroFab had better and more consistent quality than the last manufacturer I used.

Technology for Energy Corp

Our weekly update meetings are very informative is what I liked most. Everyone has been extremely helpful and accommodating. In regards to communication, very responsive and quick to address any issues. Compared to my last manufacturer, you actually accomplished what you promised.

Technology for Energy Corp

Communication with your team was excellent. The part I most liked about my overall experience was communication and weekly meetings and weekly sync-up meetings. What you did better than my last contract manufacturer was keeping us posted at every step of the process, timely communication to address issues.

Nextier Oilfield Solutions

Always striving to be a better vendor.

Nextier Oilfield Solutions

I liked the assigned MacroFab rep to my account

D & D Designs

I really like the dashboard of the it is unique from other CM's in that I can see real-time BOM availability and track some of the status of the board. The level of availability and response of the support team was great. Updates and the addressing of any issues were prompt.

Orscheln Farm and Home

Good communication and one on one discussion.

Poseidon Systems

Quality people, responsive, organized, helpful.

Energy One Electronics, Inc

Price and availability was great.


Macrofab team is friendly and professional, always goes out of their way to provide the best customer experience where possible. MacroFab did Literally everything better than my last CM.


Engaged, smart, US-based team.


Strong Project Management / Rapid Prototype / Great Customer touchpoint experience. Professional communication / documentation on open project status. Compared to my last CM, MacroFab organized information and presented in a way we can communicate weekly progress and open items for any risk.

Boulder Imaging

I know that if there is an issue that two things will happen: 1) Beatriz will let me know immediately in a direct and professional way and 2) she will immediately go to work correcting the issues and escalate with urgency. Simply - she advocates for me (the customer) very well and finds the solution.

Omni Flow Computers

Great Initial job set-up and feedback. Timely follow-up and good communications. Compared to my last CM, MacroFab was better at confirming all documentation was in place as we move closer to the build.


Great customer service, the attentiveness was great. Compared to my last CM MacroFab kept communication channels open.


Good Communication and up-to-date status reports, detailed status reports weekly open order report filled out promptly. Better communication than last CM.


What I liked the most was the quality of the products coming out from MacroFab, the communication in biweekly format, the engineering review, and also really great testing and assembly review and feedback.

Blue Ridge Technologies

Good communication, Willingness to problem solve was great. Weekly status meetings.

Curious Sound Objects

MacroFab is wonderful.


Customer service reps were very responsive and helpful getting my consigned parts squared away.

Bentley Instruments

The customer support is great and for a small company, it becomes effortless to get a new complex design prototyped.

Baum Controls

I appreciated the accuracy of the estimated delivery date that was given when the order was placed.

Anantek Robotics  Inc

Web interface is excellent, and delivery has been reliable.

Xact Metal

Easy Kicad import, great customer support!

Rockland Scientific

Quick response to email.

PACE of SW Michigan

The online tools were very easy to use, yet the whole experience was supported by responsive, knowledgeable people.


Boards were great--packaging was exceptional. Thank you for a great experience.


Engineering team and reps constantly reached out to get the process done fast and right.


MacroFab buying the parts from vendors is very convenient. The customer support is attentive.


Friction-less uploading, reviewing, and ordering.


Email support has been superb.

Apeel Sciences

Instant pricing feedback and shortage reporting.

Wisconsin IceCube Particle Astrophysics Center (WIPAC)

Online BOM tool allows me to optimize choices for price and delivery.

Wisconsin IceCube Particle Astrophysics Center (WIPAC)

Immediate view of BOM situation to adjust design quickly for low-availability components before ordering.

Wisconsin IceCube Particle Astrophysics Center (WIPAC)

Good DFM checks and fast customer service. Very satisfied with the quality and lead time.


Easy order preparation and responsive customer service.

Deft Dynamics LLC

Customer Service is fantastic

E.I. Electronics, LLC

Amazing company!

Flora Pulse

Interface makes switching out parts easy. The cost graphs are another best feature.

Flash Timing, LLC

All-in-one design upload, ordering and quote system

Hitachi High-Tech Solutions

Comprehensive attention.

Baron Brew

Solved my problem with little hassle.

BlueRidge AI

Excellent customer service.


Instant quote, fast turnaround, fast shipping, no fuss.

Mehta Tech, Inc

I had a minor issue with my submission, and the feedback/help I received from MacroFab was outstanding. Will use again. :D

Mehta Tech, Inc

Excellent communications when my PCB had a problem.

True Angle Medical

Online ordering and phone support when needed was excellent -- plus the online dashboard based tracking was great too.


Online ordering was easy.

Innovative Design Labs

Board submission was very easy.

Braveheart Wireless

Ahead of schedule.


Eric has been extremely helpful. We lost our PCB engineer to another company so when he left so did the knowledge of how to use your site. Eric has been so patient in helping me learn how to use your site as well as helping us resolve any material/board design issues.


Very satisfied with quality and communication. Thank you!


I liked the ease of entering the BOM and seeing the vendor stock and prices in real-time.


Very friendly customer service.


The web-based ordering system is very good. I liked my Program Manager's attention to detail and communication. Much better experience with MacroFab than with my last CM.

Kapek Design

Very satisfied with the file upload process and MacroFab's communication. 10 out of 10.

Pauline Pounds

The experience is great. Very satisfied with file upload process, quality, and communication! Thank you!

benchmark wireline products

Tech support was good. My program manager knew the products base and the services that were available to my company, and communication was open and transparent.

hood computring

Very satisfied with lead time and the communication provided.


The team's dedication and support is top notch. Project manager creates connections with project leads creating a very thorough understanding of production timelines and processes.

General Galactic

QA has been fantastic. Good communication--MacroFab eats the Chinese vendors alive. Custom manufacturing with the full MacroFab team was very smooth.

Harbor Retail

Fast turnaround and quick quote time. Helpful live chat service. Wouldn't change anything.

Palmer Wahl Instruments

Great communication. They did excellent work and helped out with a problem. I'm very satisfied with MacroFab's pricing, lead time, quality, and file upload process. 10 out of 10. Thanks!

Cedar Electronics

Kept everyone in the loop with weekly meetings--better experience than with my previous CM. My program manager was attentive and answered emails quickly.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

I was very satisfied with MacroFab's lead time.

Probe Technologies

Really liked the automated interface to get things started, plus the human interaction when needed. This gave us the best of both worlds.


The amazing thing about MacroFab is that real people are there to help at all stages of design and development. Very satisfied with the level of communication and quality they offered us!


Better pricing than the competition. Very satisfied with the pricing, lead time, communication, and quality!


Weekly meetings are clear and deadlines are typically met and exceeded when materials are on hand. Our program manager stayed on top of all orders and expedited orders when possible.


Our weekly conference calls were clear and meeting minutes were followed up on. I had a better experience with MacroFab than with my last CM.

Probe Tools

Extremely consistent, communicative, helpful and professional. I don't see anything that can be improved in my two interactions.


MacroFab has been flexible with us when necessary and has supported us in all aspects of our supplier relationship! I'm satisfied with the lead time, communication, and quality provided.

FGC Plasma Solutions

Very satisfied with the communication, quality, and file uploads provided by MacroFab.

Instrumental Systems

I like the website--I sometimes use it just for estimating. I'm very satisfied with MacroFab's lead time and file uploads.

Hood Computing

I was very satisfied with the price and quality MacroFab provided!

Gecko Robotics

Pricing, quality, and adherence-to-leadtime is very good for the ~17-day lead times and longer. I often recommend MacroFab when friends are searching for reliable delivery in that time frame. Very satisfied with MacroFab's pricing.

Earthly Dynamics

I love the ease of getting a fast quote--how the MacroFab platform processes the board automatically, generates Gerbers, and how quick building the BoM is.

Convergent Dental

Reliable customer service and prompt response times, along with a good review process and reasonable prices. Very satisfied with their lead time, quality, and communication.


Easy ordering experience. Good and fast DFM responses. MacroFab's prices are fair.

Position Tracking Systems

The platform's ease of use was the best part of the experience.

CTW Automation

My purchasing team didn't have to order parts and ship them--MacroFab handled that, simplifying our purchasing process. Very satisfied with MacroFab's price, lead time, quality, and communication! 10 out of 10.


Macrofab's order process was painless. The order form was also intuitive and easy to fill out. I'm very satisfied with the file upload process and the price.

Oak Analytics

The ordering/ instant quote process is great. I really like the ability to get a quote as soon as the upload is finished and see quantity vs price breakdowns as well as delivery date price updates. Being able to choose alternates in the BOM upload process saves me a lot of time as part availability is in flux now more than ever.

Colin Fraser

Very satisified with the quality and communication, as well as the file upload process.

NCS Multistage

MacroFab's customer service was excellent. The website takes some getting used to, and there are some important options like IPC Class that are not available on the portal. I'm very satisfied with the quality and communication provided.