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MacroFab, Inc.

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MacroFab's Cloud Manufacturing Platform Updated with New Component Suppliers, Flexibility in Material Sourcing Options

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April 6, 2022

MacroFab, Inc.

HOUSTON, April 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- MacroFab, which operates the largest digital platform for electronics manufacturing from prototype to high scale production, with a network of 75+ factories across North America, is pleased to announce the addition of six new component vendors to the MacroFab platform. These additional suppliers greatly increase component sourcing options, further enhancing MacroFab's distributed supply chain, and ultimately mean less interruption from part shortages for its customers.

In tandem, the company added consignment capabilities to its 10-day manufacturing service, giving its customers even more flexibility for rapid order fulfillment. The additional vendors and extended consignment capabilities are also available through Altimade, MacroFab's design-to-manufacture partnership with Altium.

"MacroFab is committed to giving our customers real-time access to supply chain information so they can effectively deal with disruptions," said Joey Rodriguez, MacroFab's Vice President of Product. "This update to our platform reduces the chance of our customer's bill of materials being unavailable and also gives them flexibility to consign their strategic inventory of hard-to-purchase materials on quick-turn orders where time to market is imperative."

Cloud manufacturing is changing how customers deliver products. MacroFab's electronics cloud manufacturing platform's automated quoting engine enables customers to self-serve and have access to its best-in-class distributed supply chain. The added material sourcing flexibility provided by today's additions will give customers more options to support better supply chain decisions while accessing MacroFab's quick-turn manufacturing capabilities.

About MacroFab

MacroFab operates the largest digital platform for electronics manufacturing from prototype to high scale production, with a network of 75+ factories across North America. Bringing the future of EMS manufacturing and digital supply chain solutions to its customers, MacroFab's cloud manufacturing platform and marketplace enables production of electronics faster, more efficiently, and closer to end-users than ever before, while leveraging AI-enabled sourcing opportunities, expert internal teams, and an easy-to-use platform.

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