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MacroFab Case Study

Tailored Smart Home Retrofit: MacroFab's Customized Partnership


With a device that retrofits old wired security systems into smart homes in a quick and affordable manner, this smart home company was founded in 2016. As a result of the launch of a new product, the home automation company decided it was time to review how to take full advantage of MacroFab’s resources.

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Get to Know the Work

Based in Florida, the automation tech startup transforms traditional wired alarm systems into smart home solutions. By retrofitting their technology into existing wired security systems, homeowners can remotely monitor and control their security systems, which provides constant security and peace of mind. With its original focus on affordable accessibility to security options and seamless integration with popular smart home platforms, the company recently expanded its product line to include smart garage door openers.

To meet the demand for its original product line, the tech company used MacroFab's advanced technology platform to efficiently fabricate its PCB assemblies for its original retrofit products. This collaboration ensured product quality and reinforced the business's reputation for quickly converting traditional security systems into intuitive, user-friendly home automation systems.


Since partnering with MacroFab, the company has witnessed tremendous growth in its order volume and complexity. This growth was substantial enough to warrant a transition from MacroFab's self-serve platform, where the company began, to a sales-assisted model with enhanced support and service options.

Nevertheless, the automation company opted to stick with the self-serve platform, reflecting their trust in the platform's efficiency and the customer success team's transparency. Furthermore, MacroFab's platform empowers the growing business to independently manage its inventory and make orders at its convenience, bolstering operational efficiency and effective inventory management. However, the launch of new products signaled a shift in their needs.


As the automation tech company enhances its product range, its offerings naturally advance. Consequently, post-production services, especially mechanical and box-build assembly, gained increased importance to the company.

To uphold their high-quality standards and ensure product reliability, the growing business required a service provider that could offer more than just PCB assembly – comprehensive programming and rigorous testing were crucial. The devices needed to work flawlessly right out of the box. Additionally, efficient product tracking through unique serial numbers or QR codes became an essential feature to streamline inventory management and enhance customer experience.


While the two companies have had a long-term and successful relationship, focused on the production of PCBAs for their smart home systems, these devices didn’t need secondary assembly services due to their retrofit nature. However, as the growing automation company moved to introduce standalone products, secondary assembly gained importance. Evaluating MacroFab's suitability for this new phase became critical.

Before entrusting MacroFab with this vital role, the tech firm sought assurances that MacroFab's capabilities could meet its evolving needs. MacroFab needed to prove its capacity to tackle this new challenge while maintaining the superior service the business expected from its enduring partnership.

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  Our Solution

MacroFab welcomed the automation tech team to our Houston facility for a meet-up and factory tour to ensure our processes aligned with their needs. However, an unexpected storm caused widespread power outages across Houston, affecting our factory.

Despite this challenge, the MacroFab team quickly adapted to the situation. MacroFab team members moved the initial meeting with the company’s leadership team to the Clay Road HQ facility, while others worked diligently to source and set up generators, ensuring our factory tour could still proceed if the power did not return in time.

Despite the challenges faced, the visit was successful. The company’s team gained a thorough understanding of how MacroFab could assist in integrating PCBAs and enclosures into a final product, along with offering necessary testing, tooling, and labeling services. This encounter demonstrated MacroFab's resilience, adaptability, and client commitment, strengthening their relationship.


In light of this process, the growing home automation company has indicated plans to broaden the variety of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) it manufactures in collaboration with MacroFab. MacroFab's unique offering of distinct order channels allows its customers the flexibility to tailor their approach as needed. This customer-centric model allows the growing business to maintain some work within the self-serve platform while transitioning the more complex box-build tasks to the sales-assisted channel.

This case study showcases how the adaptive, efficient, and transparent service provided by MacroFab, along with its customizable sales channels, has been instrumental in the unique business’s growth and its continued commitment to delivering exceptional smart home solutions.