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MacroFab Case Study

MacroFab Solves Reshoring Issues for Energy Solutions Company

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Understanding the Scope of Work

In this case study, we examine MacroFab’s successful relationship with a high-growth energy solutions company based in California that specializes in transmitting DC power over long distances. The company’s breakthrough solution allows organizations to mitigate, or even nullify, the need for power converters and inverters, thus minimizing power loss. This strategic approach has propelled significant advancements in energy management, empowering businesses to substantially improve their practices and realize heightened efficiency.


Before aligning with MacroFab, the innovative energy company had collaborated with a contract manufacturer in South Korea. This association turned out to be suboptimal due to several challenges, including communication difficulties arising from the time difference and numerous quality issues, which led to device failures during testing. This resulted in prolonged repair times as units had to be returned to South Korea for repair

With global expansion in its strategic roadmap, the high-growth energy solutions firm realized the need for a more reliable contract manufacturer. The company’s criteria included stringent quality standards, trustworthy timelines, and the ability to promptly address issues, especially during product upgrades for new markets.

After a comprehensive search, the energy firm’s Operations Executive shortlisted a few North American manufacturers. Of these, MacroFab differentiated itself by understanding the pioneering energy company’s unique requirements to help them realize its production ambitions. This customer-centric approach resonated with the energy firm’s team, making MacroFab its obvious choice for manufacturing needs.


When the innovative energy company decided to terminate its partnership with its South Korean manufacturer, it faced complications in retrieving its design files. After several months of delays due to communication and paperwork issues, the energy company resolved to move forward with its reshoring plans without the original files. Luckily, MacroFab came to the rescue with a team that successfully reverse-engineered its designs, ensuring that company plans proceeded unhindered.

Sadly, this situation is not uncommon, as some contractors may hold design files hostage and make unauthorized changes to them, making it challenging for companies to switch partners. Even when their relationship is strained, companies tend to stay with these manufacturers because they make it so difficult to leave them.

MacroFab's platform ensured the forward-thinking energy firm’s full control over its design files, tracking changes transparently throughout the development process. This provided reassurance against any future file custody issues, enabling the company to concentrate on reshoring plans and worldwide distribution without worrying about losing control again.


Despite lacking the current Bill of Materials (BoM) or design files, MacroFab's recommended engineering firm managed to reverse-engineer a device for the innovative energy company using an old set of plans and a current device. The engineering team incorporated the desired upgrades and optimized the design, while also reducing the device's size and enhancing its performance.

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  Our Solution

The newly reverse-engineered device from MacroFab exceeded the energy firm’s expectations. The design upgrades not only made the device more efficient and high-performing, but they also resulted in a significantly smaller footprint, leading to a superior end product.

The redesigned product stood out, particularly for end-users with restricted installation spaces. The compact device, coupled with an air-cooling system rather than forced air, minimized malfunction risks and reduced noise levels, making it significantly more user-friendly and versatile.

Presently, MacroFab is producing an additional module for the energy company to augment its functionality and design. The progressive company is reaping the benefits of a broad range of services, from electrical and mechanical design to firmware design, integration, testing, and assembly. MacroFab's systematic and thorough approach ensures high-quality products while keeping the energy company in complete control of their manufacturing process.

As part of a pilot program, the energy company is supplying units to a prominent municipal utility company for installation in 100 buildings. With the potential for significant growth on the horizon, MacroFab's factory network is well-equipped to handle the anticipated increase in demand, thereby ensuring seamless operations for the growing firm.

Further, MacroFab and the pioneering firm are exploring potential aftermarket services to streamline the latter's operations and enhance focus on core competencies. These services encompass storing finished products, drop-shipping to customers on demand, and handling international shipping. By leveraging these offerings, the company can concentrate on refining and developing products for the market, bolstering the company’s potential for success.


The partnership between the innovative energy firm and MacroFab has proven to be a powerful collaboration. Despite initial setbacks from its previous manufacturing partnership, the energy company successfully navigated the challenges of reshoring the company’s manufacturing processes, aided by MacroFab's innovative approach and solution-oriented mindset.

As a result, the energy firm has not only improved the performance and efficiency of its products but also broadened its potential for future growth and product development. The entire journey showcases MacroFab's commitment to customer success and its ability to help companies overcome complex manufacturing hurdles. Through this effective partnership, the forward-thinking energy enterprise has solidified its ability to meet the increasing demands of the modern marketplace and is well-poised for future expansion and success.