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Answers to 9 Common Questions about PCB Assembly

Fortunately for today’s inventors, there has been a move away from the old PCB assembly approach to a new more flexible and responsive model.

IMG 20161003 130503

Using a Silicon Labs EFM8 IC for your hardware project

This article will cover the hardware aspect of using the EFM8 series of microcontrollers from Silicon Labs.

Figure 7: Setup for programming the AVR over Tag-Connect.

Getting started with Tag-Connect on an AVR MCU

An AVR MCU example board using the Tag-Connect TC2030 cable for programming.

IMG 20160726 141906

Designing for Pogo Pin Programming Cables

An introduction into pogo pin programming cables and their usefulness in prototyping and low volume manufacturing using Tag-Connect cables.

House Parts 1

New MacroFab House Parts – Pin Headers (Sept. 2016)

We've expanded our House Parts to include single row pin headers.

MacroFab, Inc.

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers Are Changing the Game

Printed circuit board manufacturers have changed the way they operate to embrace modern and innovative approaches like the products they manufacture.

MacroFab, Inc.

What Books, Music and Prototyping Manufacturing Share

The same forces that democratized book and music publishing are now at play in the world of prototyping manufacturing.

Eagle directorys 0

Adding External Libraries, DRCs or CAM Files to Eagle

This article will discuss the process of adding part libraries and DRC rule files to KiCad.

MacroFab, Inc.

From Garage to Global: The Startup Guide to PCBA Manufacturing

When do you know your startup's tech idea is ready for manufacture? And what are the steps to get you to a finished design?

MacroFab, Inc.

Lessons to Learn from Lean Manufacturing

The principles of Lean manufacturing offer helpful guidance for any type of commercial endeavor, no matter how big or small.

MacroFab, Inc.

How Crowdfunding Has Changed the Manufacturing Industry

Crowdfunding has created strong demand for low volume manufacturing, made in America, with quick turn -around times, and reasonable prices.

Adding external part libraries drcs cam files diptrace

Adding external Part Libraries, DRCs, and CAM files to Diptrace

This article will discuss the process of adding part libraries and DRC rule files to Diptrace.


Escaping BGAs - Methods of Routing Traces from BGA Footprints

In this post we will discuss methods of routing traces from BGA footprints and how to determine the necessary layer count of your board.

Super simple power supply ssps design part 3

Super Simple Power Supply “SSPS” Design (Part 3)

We've created the first functioning prototype of the super simple power supply and will see some initial performance tests.

Pcb prototyping blog1

Unlocking Your Startup Success: PCBA Prototyping Made in America

If you are new to the world of manufacturing and you need a PCBA prototype for your new business venture, you might have questions.

Eagle attribute layout EXAMPLE

How to use the Part Attribute feature in Eagle

How to use Part Attribute in Eagle. Take advantage of the Part Attribute system in Eagle for easier labeling.

Manufacturing blog1

The Top 8 Manufacturing Blogs to Follow

"In addition to keeping an eye on our pages, there are quite a few other manufacturing blogs we can recommend. Here are eight great sites to follow.

Hardware prototyping myths1

5 Myths About Hardware Prototyping - Busted

Contrary to what you may have heard, hardware prototyping can be reasonably priced, fast, and easy even for hardware startups.

MacroFab, Inc.

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Cloud-Based PCB Assembly

Software supports the entire PCB assembly cycle delivering big advantages for designers including, lower costs, faster service, and greater transparency.

MacroFab, Inc.

Not Your Father’s PCB Prototype Company

We set out to create a different type of PCB prototype company. We believe that there are genius thinkers among us and we want to make sure they succeed.

MacroFab, Inc.

Go from Idea to Delivery with Turnkey PCB Manufacturing Services

With turnkey PCB manufacturing services, you can put 100% of your efforts into your business or project. You design it and we’ll take it from there.

MacroFab, Inc.

Manufacturing Companies Shift from Archaic to Agile

Manufacturing companies will continue to become more aligned with the needs of today’s new crop of inventors by removing the friction from the process.

Bga pad creation smd nsmd

SMD vs NSMD: Best Practices for BGA Pad Creation

SMD vs NSMD: Should you use a solder mask-defined pad or a non-solder mask-defined pad?

MacroFab, Inc.

Cloud Manufacturing FAQs

Benefits of cloud manufacturing include scalability, visibility, and quick turn around. Find out more from a leading electronics cloud manufacturer.

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