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Top 10 Electronics Podcasts You Should Listen To

This curated list of top electronics podcasts is tailored for those trying to keep up with the rapidly evolving tech world.

May 23, 2024

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Red hot pcb open source autonomous vehicles using esp8266

Red Hot PCB: Open Source Autonomous Vehicles, using ESP8266

Our floor just finished assembling these boards, which are part of an interface for open source self-driving cars.

Si Labs Setup Featured

Getting Blinky going for EFM8.

The last article and this one should be able to get a EFM8 project up and running with the bare minimal hardware and code.

PCB extra photo web

The Next Electronics Manufacturing Revolution

Contract electronics manufacturing is experiencing a revolution driven by cloud software targeting the low and mid-volume segments of the market.

Innerspace2 1024x776

Red Hot PCB: Mapping technology for indoor environments

These beautiful boards from our assembly line are part of a product that simplifies indoor mapping and location to ID opportunities to reduce costs.

Nodemcu sleep

Power Control for Your Product: Starting and Stopping Electrons

The advance of IoT devices & light weight embedded OS environments have created a need for more intricate ways to shutdown your devices.

Neuro Tinker 1 e1501601624927

Red Hot PCB: Microcontroller Powered Electonic Neuron Simulators

This week's PCB is part of a biological neural network that are designed to understand the basics of the nervous system.

Wide Find

Red Hot PCB: UWB Radio Carrier

This UWB radio carrier enables autonomous flight of a drone using 3D localization.

Afab Enterprise small

Red Hot PCB: Low-Noise Preamps for Signal Conditioning

This week's PCB are part of low-noise preamps that provide signal conditioning for test equipment.

1000th board 20170612 cool

MacroFab Milestone – 1,000th Panel

The production of our 1,000th job is the latest in our team's recent achievements. Each job or panel can contain orders for 20 or more customers.

Precedent Motion crop

Red Hot PCB: Smart Motion Control Products

This week's Red Hot PCB, out of our assembly line, is called Precedent Motion, from a company called Precedent Engineering and will be a smart version

Example cutouts 4 1

PCB Cutouts, Slots, Routes, and Border Files: Revisited

Did you know that MacroFab's PCB Assembly supports plated and non-plated PCB cut outs, slots, and routes? Our blog offers many visual examples.

Sat experts crop

Red Hot PCB: Passive ICs

This week's Red Hot PCB features passive ICs, 4 15-pin D-Sub connectors and LEDs for an academic experiment that will track the movement of rats.

Eran LE Ds featured

Red Hot PCB: Burning Man LED’s

This week's Red Hot PCB comes from Eran and is an LED controller for Burning Man, bicycle lights or feather boas!

FDR featured

Red Hot PCB: FDR Design for Window Sensors

This week's featured PCB is fresh out of our assembly line and will be installed into windows to capture information about their wear and tear.

64drive circuitboard open image

Red Hot PCB: Retroactive’s “64 Drive” Development Tool

This week's Red Hot PCB comes from Retroactive and is a development tool for the Nintendo 64.

Openmv blue crop featured

Red Hot PCB: OpenMV Anniversary Gift

Red Hot PCB: This cool MiniMe is an anniversary gift for the designer's wife and has an LED heart. She's one lucky lady!

Compressor engineering featured

Red Hot PCB: Compressor Engineering’s Vent Flow Analysis Tool

This week's Red Hot PCB comes from Compressor Engineering (CECO) a Houston based company that specializes in compressor parts and repair.

Additive robotics pcb

Red Hot PCB: Additive Robotics Motor Control

This week's featured PCB comes from Additive Robotics. It is an integrated interface for brushless DC (BLDC) motors.

Fourteenth Design3 featured

Red Hot PCB: Fuzz Effects Pedals from FranaFX

This week’s Red Hot PCB is part of an effects pedal from Frana Effects and will be used to function a Fuzz pedal. Rock on!

Bucknell university boards featured

Red Hot PCB of the Week: Bucknell University

Red Hot PCB of the Week: Bucknell University helping students understand that seemingly simple systems on the outside can be quite complex on the inside.

The world is your drumstick crop 1

Red Hot PCB: Specdrums Drumstick

Red Hot PCB: Specdrums drumstick - an electronic device that will transform colors into sound by tapping on them.

RIT crop

Cool PCB Monday: RIT's Bipedal Robot

This week’s featured board comes from Matt, a BS/MS student in Electrical Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester.


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