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Red Hot PCB: High Performance Audio DAC

By The MacroFab Team  |  August 13, 2018

The ApplePi DAC is an ultra-high performance I2S DAC hat for the Raspberry Pi created by Orchard Audio. The PCB is used in conjunction with a Raspberry Pi to create an ultra-high performance music player. This product provides audio quality at a price point that is currently not available in the market.

For less than $250 (ApplePi + Raspberry Pi) you can achieve performance currently only available at $750+ USD. In addition, ApplePi DAC eliminates the need for pre-amplifiers, saving even more money. Orchard Audio’s ApplePi DAC is the most advanced and highest performance sound card hat for the Raspberry Pi.

IMG 0241 1 700x675

IMG 0241 1 700x675

Leo Ayzenshtat, the designer of the ApplePi DAC, struggled for years to find a high quality home sound system at a reasonable price. He combined three of his passions- DIY, audio, and PCB design- to create his own board.

After working with the Raspberry Pi since its creation many years ago, he already had a strong DAC designed. So he thought: what if I can downsize it using the latest technologies and improve performance, while at the same time making an audiophile-grade product that is affordable? The result was the ApplePi DAC. It took 6+ months to develop and finalize the design.

IMG 0228 700x700

IMG 0228 700x700

You can purchase this DAC here: ApplePi DAC
Thank you Leo Ayzenshtat for your contribution to this Red Hot PCB article!

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