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CB FI 416

No David Here, Chris Gammell with

We welcome Chris Gammell, Developer Relations Lead at Golioth, to explore the exciting world of IoT (Internet of Things) and hardware.

CB FI 414

Net Running the Nut Runners with Joe Grand

Bosch wrench hack sparks talk on insecure IoT devices. We discuss safety risks and broader implications.

Brandon satrom lanot

Brandon Satrom and the LANoT

Parker talks with Brandon Satrom of Particle about the future of IoT and then design and prototype an IoT device.

Internet mothers

The Internet of Mothers

Agustin Pelaez and Cameron Klotz of Ubidots talk about what is IoT and how to start an IoT Project.

One man entertainment machine

The One Man Entertainment Machine

John Adams joins Parker and Stephen to discuss IoT Security, Crappy IoT Devices, and WS2812B LEDs.

Bits flying

Bits Flying In

Stephen learns that MIDI tutorials that are online only cover the basics and Parker has haunting vias.

Sonic massage

Sonic Massage

More compressor IoT work, calibrating the space echo, and Stephen "plays" his synth.

Dont get analyticized

Don’t Get Analyticized

Parker and Stephen talk about Stephen's Voltage Standard and in store Analytics.

Cooking gears macrofab

Cooking with Gears with MacroFab

Parker and Stephen go over the design entrees for Stephen's design challenge!

Yo ho ho technological bottle rum

Yo Ho Ho and a Technological Bottle of Rum

Parker and Stephen talk about the RPI3 CM project and Stephen throws down a design challenge!

Internet of teddies

Internet of Teddies

Stephen and Parker talk about teddy bears, Raspberry Pi LVDS, and relays that last till the end of time.

Anti fitbits

Anti Fitbits

On this Episode, Parker and Stephen talk about silkscreen markings on diodes and tracking beer drinking.

O h internet howitzers

I.O.H. Internet of Howitzers

On this Episode, Parker and Stephen discuss android powered artillery, flip-pins, and Amazon Alexa always listening...

Maniacal moving

Maniacal Moving

On this episode, Stephen and Parker talk about MacroFab moving to a new location.

Cloud net

Cloud Net

On this episode, Parker and Stephen talk about IoT Security Certifications and Arduinos...lots of Arduinos.

I will never know you viper

I Will Never Know You Viper

Stephen and Parker have guests Matt Keas and Brian Dorton from the Iron Yard and discuss the IoT of EVERYTHING.

Iots cloudy future

IoT’s Cloudy Future

The MEP's first guest! Trey German joins Stephen and Parker to talk about Trey's latest project.

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