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Parker and Stephen explore topics in engineering each week.

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CB FI 425

MacroFab Platform Updates from Kyle McLeod and Nicholas Lundgaard

The episode provides insights into MacroFab's efforts to make PCB manufacturing more accessible and efficient for their customers.

CB FI 421

Tracing a Path for PCB Design Automation with Sergiy Nesterenko

Sergiy Nestorenko, founder of Quilter and former SpaceX engineer, discusses revolutionizing PCB design automation.

MEP FI 406

Dr. Duncan Haldane from JITX on Automating Circuit Design

Dr. Haldane on his background, the problems JITX is trying to resolve, & new auto-router plans. What's the deal with the "hyper-aggressive pogo-stick"?

Breadboarding for success

Breadboarding for Success

This week we are talking about Breadboards. Is breadboarding a circuit or design still applicable in today's SMT component dominated world?

Datasheet lore

Datasheet Lore

What lore have you discovered in component datasheets? On this episode, Parker talks about how he picks electrical components and risk management.

The pcb plague

The PCB Plague

Ever have PCBs that solder just will not wet and solder to? You probably thought it was improper soldering technique but that was probably not it!

MEP 299 FI

Operation Scope Creep

Multi-layer PCB designs. As an engineer, how do you decide when it is time to increase layer count and how do you decide what goes on those layers?

Design for everything

Design For Everything

DFM, DFT, DFA? What does it all mean to product designers and engineers? Stephen and Parker cover what Designing For really means.

We have clearance clarence

We Have Clearance, Clarence

On this episode, there are some AND!XOR hints for DC29 and we discuss the difference between PCB DRC specifications for clearance and creepage.

Through hole manufacturing

Through Hole Manufacturing

Through hole assembly for PCBs might be great for low volume prototypes but how do you scale up that process? What design considerations are needed?

Flex pcb primers

Flex PCB Primers

Stephen gives the MEP an introduction on Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB assemblies while Parker looks at an automotive Analog Devices application note.

Benjamin jordan of autodesk

Benjamin Jordan of Autodesk

Senior Product Manager for ECAD in Autodesk Fusion 360, Ben Jordan, joins Stephen and Parker to discus the future of ECAD, Eagle, Autodesk, and PCBs.

Good enough for a bagel

Good Enough for a Bagel

The bagel pin is back! Parker and Stephen discuss if it is possible to make the Cat Feeder Unreminder with the famous bagel pin IC, the PT8A2514APE.

Thunderohm style

ThunderOhm Style

Josh Rozier returns for the 5th time on the podcast which might be some kind of record. This time Josh talks about his beginnings in laying out PCBs.

Beating dragons with quarters

Beating Dragons with Quarters

Parker's pinball platform, PinoTaur Revision 2, goes into testing and Stephen continues his journey to simulate the known analog universe.

Not into the meat loaf

Not Into The Meat Loaf

Where do your electrical components manufactured? Parker explores the mysteries of Country Of Origins for components and Stephen Ti Webenches a SMPS.

Rotary alarm system

Rotary Alarm System

Do not adjust your podcast broadcast device. What you are hearing is a rotary alarm system. This siren denotes the beginning of episode 200!

Designing in color greg paulsen on 3d printing

Designing in Color – Greg Paulsen on 3D Printing

Greg Paulsen of Xometry rejoins the podcast to discuss the specifications, designing for scale, and design considerations for 3D Printing technologies.

The vox in a box roxs

The Vox in a Box Roxs

Stephen gives an in depth update to his Vox in a Box project! 100 Watts of Class D amplification!

Bruce hamby owning product

Bruce Hamby and Owning Your Product

Bruce doles out plenty of legal advice on owning your brand, owning your technology and establishing your FTO.

Apples astronauts

Apples and Astronauts

Toaster controllers, Hexa Precision, I2S Audio DACs, and Bagels.

Bits flying

Bits Flying In

Stephen learns that MIDI tutorials that are online only cover the basics and Parker has haunting vias.

Anti fitbits

Anti Fitbits

On this Episode, Parker and Stephen talk about silkscreen markings on diodes and tracking beer drinking.

No flex allowed

No Flex Allowed

On this Episode, Stephen and Parker talk about binned LEDs and what to look out for with mounting holes on PCBs.

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