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Improve Your Next PCB Prototype: Better Debugging, Testing, and Reliability

Learn how to improve your next PCB prototypes as engineers push the boundaries of hardware technology to enhance debugging, testing, and general liability

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MacroFab's Bare PCB Option Helps You Develop Products Faster

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our bare PCB board service to streamline your design workflow and help you bring your innovative ideas to life.


Prevent Prototype Delays:Essential PCBA Pre-Order Checklist

Making sure your prototype has the greatest chance of success the first time by outlining steps to take to get a prototype ready for manufacturing.

Expert Tips for High-Speed Backplane PCB Design

Expert Tips for High-Speed Backplane PCB Design

Improve your high-speed backplane bus reliability with expert design tips.

Evaluating true costs cheap pcb prototypes

Evaluating the True Costs of Cheap PCB Prototypes

Some companies insist their teams focus less on the quality of PCB fabrication and more on 24-hour turnaround times

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Top 10 Causes of Magic Smoke

Magic smoke is produced by severe electrical over-stress of your circuits and components. Here are the main causes, and how to avoid them.

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Solving Procurement Challenges for Your PCB Assembly

Curious how to resolve issues you may be having with your PCB assembly process? Read our guide to see how MacroFab can help!

Via Epoxy Vs Open

Via in Pad PCB Design

We will discuss the differences between via in pad and traditional vias, when should you use via in pad, and how to design for it.

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Fixture Code and Final Testing: PCM5122 Audio DAC

This is the completed fixture with the 3D printed standoff attached.

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Red Hot PCB: Cellular Data Acquisition Technology

This weeks Red Hot PCB features a design by Metiric that can monitor different materials used in building envelopes

Si Labs Setup Featured

Getting Blinky going for EFM8.

The last article and this one should be able to get a EFM8 project up and running with the bare minimal hardware and code.

Additive robotics pcb

Red Hot PCB: Additive Robotics Motor Control

This week's featured PCB comes from Additive Robotics. It is an integrated interface for brushless DC (BLDC) motors.


The Footprint Files – Diodes

Designing footprint files for diodes requires clear orientation marks. Learn what to do and when you can break footprint rules in this blog post.


PCB Mounting Holes and What to Watch Out For.

Mounting holes are useful for attaching PCBs to enclosures and other flat surfaces. Here are some things to watch out for when using them.

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Simplifying the PCB Ordering Process

We’re always looking for new ways to make the PCB ordering process more efficient. Our system automatically analyzes the silkscreen, paste data, and....


Picking the Right Trace Width

For routing a PCB, there are important characteristics to consider when choosing the trace width.

MacroFab, Inc.

Go from Idea to Delivery with Turnkey PCB Manufacturing Services

With turnkey PCB manufacturing services, you can put 100% of your efforts into your business or project. You design it and we’ll take it from there.

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Introducing Parts Consignment for PCB Manufacturing

MacroFab offers parts consignment to give our customers additional ways to manage their BOM. Read more about this in our short blog.

MacroFab, Inc.

PCB Prototyping – The Hard Way and the Easy Way

Cloud-based manufacturing is revolutionizing PCB prototyping, making ordering your boards almost as easy as ordering a pizza.

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Different Programming Methods for PCBAs

We cover the different ways of programming PCB assemblies during production. Learn the pros and cons of each method in this short blog.

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Now With Multi-Layer and PCB Customization!

We're pleased to announce our next big feature release: support for multi-layer boards and customized PCB options. With this software update, you now

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Handling Silkscreen Over Component Pads

Silkscreen over component pads can lead to solder flow issues and result in a bad joint. Find out how to avoid this issue

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